Do you think that one day we could build artificial consciousness?

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It seems likely.

TEH TYME KITTEH ~pantheist~

It will happen by 2050. thats all I can say right now.

pink spinel



Watching some of the kids in schools these days one might think that we already have.


Hopefully not in my lifetime ..
I hope the world actually stays somewhat of a decent state till i’m dead


I do. But the date is difficult to predict, since we do not know exactly what we must learn, first. It is a bit like going through a maze.

John Popelish

Larry R

Well considering how many supposedly intelligent and conscious humans only use said intelligence and consciousness to watch Oprah, sit on a couch, and wait for a government check to come, I’d say we already have.
It’s called “a block of wood”.


Yes, I am certain of it. It will create some interesting debates about machine rights and the concept of the soul.


omg, we can only hope not.


There is no such thing as artificial consciousness and there never will be.
Pardon me – I am knit picking words – you mean a robot that thinks?
YES that can happen – but it would not be “artificial” actually – that’s a funny concept!
Once a machine becomes conscious of itself, it IS REAL consciousness there is no “artificial” about it. The same electricity that powers it – powers YOU.
You are a flesh robot, self-programmable. That is the key – self-programmability – if it can reprogram itself, it IS conscious.
There is a difference between simulated consciousness and real consciousness – one is just following subroutines and designs that imitate conscious interaction via programmed triggers and responses – the other has the capacity to CHOOSE and create its own conclusions.
Do I think this can happen with a machine? – Yes, in time……
We were created to be the robots used by another higher species (the so called “gods”, “aliens” or whatever you wish to call them) and then we woke up and decided to rebel because we were able to re-program ourselves.
Well, not everyone, there are still many programmed bots around – those who cannot seem to think for themselves and always rely on the opinions of others to form their own – those who need an authority figure to shelter them. Again – the mark of consciousness is the ability to choose to reprogram itself instead of following the “base routines”


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