Home Discussion Forum Do you think that meditation is a little like a seance ?

Do you think that meditation is a little like a seance ?

Aren’t you opening yourself up to hear from spirits in meditation? You’re losing your own self control and free will. Seems like that would open a door to spirits. Has anyone ever felt this happen while meditating?


  1. No, I look at meditation as more along the lines of clearing one’s head, inter-peace, though I may be wrong.
    A seance is inviting whatever is out there onto you. Evil.

  2. Yes I do think they are similar, but not in the way you suggest. In both cases you’re opening yourself up not to spirits but to power of suggestion. That’s why both meditation and seance both can be precursors to subjective paranormal experience.

  3. Hi! Good question! I believe meditating is more about personal growth/relaxation/enlightenment. However, often to achieve that state, we slow our processes down and “zone out” to another plane. If this happens and if the user isn’t adept at defending their position, so to speak, then yes, I think it is possible for something else to slip in. However, I don’t consider this too likely. Basically, unless you’ve been dabbling in dangerous places with dangerous “spirits” you are flying low enough under the radar to avoid something getting in and taking you over. Meditation is very helpful and healthful, so please don’t let me discourage you. My only suggestion is you learn how to do it properly and perhaps do some more reading on psychic defense in addition. Knowledge is power and the more you know, the more prepared you’ll be to deal with any situation. For now, I would say relax and enjoy meditating!

  4. I have never seen a Tibetan monk lose their self control or free will (many while in the most horrendous circumstances of human life much less meditation).
    In many meditations you start by focusing on a mantra (on saying or sound that you focus on repeating over and over again) or on the counting of your breaths (or imagining an object or goal like healing). In this case your mind is not open to spirits or any other outside influence.
    Meditation is a form of relaxation and concentration of thought not a portal of communication to another world.
    As a person experienced in meditation I can say that no in my experience this has never been a problem or even a consideration.
    I am not saying that meditation could not be used this way.
    It would be an interesting challenge to create such experiment (for example how do you confirm you are getting thoughts of a spirit).
    What I am saying is in my personal opinion meditation alone doesn’t seem to present free will and self control problems (in my experience).
    Now in relation to parapsychology. The practice of meditation is one of the predicting factors of success of ESP (especially in the Ganzfeld Experiments). In this procedure you are opening up your mind to the thoughts of another person (trying to send you an image). However, people that practice meditation are good at limiting their physical input (information from the 5 normal senses) and focusing on the mental task at hand (like repeating a mantra) so they are less distracted by normal input and pay more attention to images that arise mentally.
    I have seen no reports in the research literature about a person feeling as if they have lost control or lost their free will during these procedures (though I have seen some people perform accurately and have their world views suddenly challenged and be somewhat disturbed by it).
    It would be interesting to question people about their experiences afterwards and have more subjective (phenomenological) information about their experiences in such experiments. However, as with all experiments involving humans one would have to be careful not to ask leading or suggesting questions and could probably at best only look for some patterns in what people reported.
    Now in support of your idea. One of the former US military Remote Viewers, David Morehouse, in his book “Psychic Warrior” talks about encountering what he believed to be Demons during at least some of this Remote Viewing sessions.
    Several links below.

  5. wrong. Whom you meet or whom you speak with depends on intention. also discernment. Are there not good and evil people even on the physical plane?? We are open or not to them too. You can let them affect you or not. You can talk to them or not. You can intend to connect or not. You are always in your power! This side or that.


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