Do you think that if all the people that can do telekinesis got together they could move something really …?

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heavy like a block of concrete?
TR – smartypants 🙂

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I’ve heard that there’s already a guy in Santa Fe, New Mexico who can move bricks and stuff like that with telekinesis. I haven’t seen it myself but I’ve heard people have seen him do it.

Gary Y

But there are no people who can do telekinesis, is there?
I don’t think there are magician’s wires strong enough to move a concrete block, but then again if there are several…


A thousand times zero is still zero.
No-one ever anywhere has been able to perform any telekinetic events, even to the slightest degree, unfortunately. If it were otherwise, the world’s energy problem would be instantly solved. No physical power needed. No global warming. It’d be good, wouldn’t it?


There is none yet to perform an authentic telekinetic gift through the public so it would be impossible to witness that.
But if you’re asking about the possible capability of such metaphysical ability, they ca move heavy object as long as they practice the perfect meditation technique for such supernatural skill.


How many people with telekinesis does it take to change a light bulb? Hum! Let me think about that really hard while looking at that light bulb that I can’t reach.


I was going to say yes to your answer, since there is nothing stopping them from putting on some gloves and physically pushing/pulling on the block. But I have to change my answer to no, since there aren’t actually any people who can do telekinesis, irrespective of how the block is moved 🙂

Nice Guy

A room filled with true telekinetics would be empty.There would be crowd of gullible people outside waiting for them to show up.

Peter D

Thousands of hippies tried to levitate the Pentagon in 1967. I’m pretty sure it didn’t work.
Personally, I’d be satisfied with just one person who could demonstrate PK consistently.


I don’t know. Many people claim to be telekinetic, or to have witnessed telekinetic events, but I don’t know much about it.


No. It’s wishful thinking at best, something humans are good at.

Miss Dupont

Yes, that is probably what happened to the island in the series “Lost.”


Perhaps….. But there is another way that is surely possible….
During deep meditation, if one is able to astral project and able to control their projection they can go over and move it. And no one would know or see them do it that way, and that would be considered telekinesis as well.


there is no telekinesis,whatever they r showing that is only science.they r the most fraud people.if telekinesis do something then why physical & mechanical power are require,if telekinesis is possible then it definitely stop the tsunami.but why it can’t do.those people who telling about telekinesis the court give order to hang them.


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