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Do you think that if a young child cries and throws a fit when meeting someone?

My grandfather always told me that if a young child or friendly dog doesn’t like someone, then they are no good. Do you find that to be true? I have listened to my son’s intuition on a couple of people who did indeed turn out to be losers.
So do you think young kids are more sensitive to people with negative or evil auras?


  1. Not necessarily “evil aura’s” so much as bad people tend to not like little kids and animals as nice as the rest of us do, something that the children/dogs/cats pick up on and respond to.

  2. No.
    Sometimes kids are just overtired, over sugared, and in a foul mood. I wouldn’t rely on my child’s reaction to anyone to allow me to judge them.

  3. Maybe. My 2.5 yr old boy never cries or throws a fit but he is very shy and takes sometime to befriend with someone new. He only throws a fit when he meets his pediatrician :P. And as far as I know she is not evil.

  4. Lol, no.
    Kids are scared of people for all reasons. Some kids are scared of men with beards. Some kids are scared of all strangers. Some kids are scared for reasons only they know.
    All the best.

  5. Hm. I dunno about that. Maybe some kids do, but my son certainly doesn’t. He’ll let most anyone pick him up if he’s not tired or grumpy. It kinda makes me nervous that he’s so trusting.
    My son is just terrified of all men with facial hair…otherwise he’s all smiles. And I don’t think we could say all men with facial hair are no good. (Santa and my grandpa have facial hair). :p

  6. i don’t believe in negative or evil auras. i think kids, like grownups, have first impressions of people that can be based on their personalities but can also be based on what they’re wearing, how much facial hair they have, whether they’re hogging mommy’s attention, etc. as well as totally unrelated things like how the child is feeling at that moment and whether they’ve had lunch yet.
    personally i think dogs generally don’t like me because i’m pretty much afraid of them, and kids generally do like me because i like them. nothing about my aura either way.

  7. i believe it with dogs, but kids are just too damned emotional to rely on their tears and fits as an indicator of somebody’s character.

  8. No, I don’t really believe the auras stuff. But I think many children definitely pick up on negative behaviours or mannerisms that adults tend to miss.

  9. I think its possible in some situations, but dogs and children are definatly are not fool prof detectors.
    When I was little, i was attacked by a dog. Many years later I am astill horrified of dogs. Dogs can sense my fear and often bark and carry on at me about it. I am not evil…just scared of dogs!
    Also if a person is very fidgety or socialy awkward, this could make a child uncomfortable and act out. That would not mean the awkward man is some evil person to steer clear of.

  10. not true all the time. when my daughter was little she would not go near a man with a hat on including my husband. she just didn’t like hats

  11. My toddler has chucked a fit when meeting people I know to be wonderful. He’s also taken a liking to people I know to be selfish and conceited. His reactions to people aren’t always the same each time either. He’s been upset meeting someone one week and been an angel around them the next. How would that fit in with the theory? Whether auras exist or not and whether or not they can sense them, I cannot know. However I can and do know that there are a hundred and one reasons why a small child might have a tantrum upon meeting someone.

  12. I once had a dog; 8 years old. NEVER attacked anyone, ran from CATS, and so on! Anyway, one day this furniture guy came to pick up some old stuff we had donated, and Rover tried to RIP HIS THROAT OUT!!! I never saw him so mean! And that was the ONLY TIME that I EVER saw Rover do that! About 2 weeks later, the guy threw his kids off a 3rd story balcony, killing 2 of them. With that told, if a dog can sense good or evil in a person, I see no reason that a child could not!

  13. Young children and just like dogs and even adults get those vibes. For children they can tell when someone is uneasy, inpatient, etc… If someone will be inpatient around your child than whats the point of having them around.


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