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Do you think that I am the Anti-Christ? 15 years ago I had 666 on the back of my head after a NDE?

I was born in June 1962 , my height is 6.2 15 years ago my stepmother gave me a haircut in New Mexico and she discovered that I was marked with 666 on the back of my head( I was not born with this mark, it possibly came during my NDE). I went to a tattoo place to have them removed. I had chest pain 17 years ago went to a heart checks() everything went well except that I got weak later on and died on the table. Was dead clinically for several minutes(had a near death experience) but came back right before they put me into the frozen morgue. Doctors don’t know why I did not have brain damaged. That happened in Paris France. Later on I discover that I came back with a healing gift. I consulted once a priest and told me to leave as he felt that I was evil. Am I the Anti-Christ?( I rarely heal but I can heal anybody , any condition , just ask and you shall be healed). I am trying Zen Meditation as quite often I feel depressed. Thanks


  1. The Anti-Christ was Paul of Tarsus! Read your bible Jesus warned that he is it!

  2. The mark of the beast isnt going to be the numbers 666. The ancient Hebrew is an alpha numeric language in which their numbers and letters are the same characters. In other words the name ‘Adam’ in Hebrew may also be the number 378. Thus Satan will have an actual name and will also be a number at the same time, 666.
    Thank you for your interest in the bible. Feel free to ask anything you want in your quest for truth. God bless you.

  3. The Antichrist is supposed to have supernatural power and global influence and be the embodiment of Satan on earth. Since I’ve never heard of you, then…no. You’re not the Antichrist.

  4. hey if you are the antichrist well….MAKE SOME MONEY!!!!! dude come on if your telling the truth (probably not but if you are) go and do some crazy sh*t….say your jesus and walk around healing people with insane wounds (gunshot to the lung,knife through the stomache) and get some money
    and it would be pretty fun walking around,hurting people,than healing them

  5. Do you claim to be:
    the greatest prophet – one who speaks for God,
    the greatest priest – one who ministers for God,
    and the greatest king – one who rules for God?
    If you don’t, then you’re not the anti-Christ.
    When the anti-Christ comes around, he will make these claims.


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