Home Discussion Forum Do you think that hypnosis is dangerous?

Do you think that hypnosis is dangerous?

Do you think that hypnosis is dangerous? Do you think that hypnosis can increase the accuracy of memory? Do you think that, through age regression, people can literally re-experience childhood events?


  1. it can be dangerous if it’s the wrong person doing it but i never heard of it increasing accuracy of memory. but it would make sense for people to experience their childhood events again right after that but i don’t know what you mean by age regression

  2. It depends. Are cars dangerous? How about paracetamol/aspirin?
    Hypnosis probably could increase memory if used right.
    What is this obsession with age regression? Why is this important? As someone who’s experienced hypnosis a number of times, I have no idea why people keep banging on about it. It’s the least useful/reliable/interesting use of hypnosis yet. It’s like asking about how easy it is to not hit things while driving at 1 mph in your car in a straight line with nothing in sight to hit.

  3. Absolutely not. Hypnosis is a natural part of human experience. In reality, you go into light hypnotic trances on a daily basis. Some example are daydreaming, zoning out while driving, and becoming very involved with a movie.
    Yes hypnosis can, in fact, increase the accuracy of memory. Hypnosis is a highly focused and relaxed state that is perfect for learning and also recalling events. You see, your conscious mind only pay attention to a few things at once. You subconscious mind pay attention to everything. When in hypnosis a person is able to access those powerful subconscious resources and recall things that they were consciously aware of.
    As far as age regression is concerned, in a state of hypnosis a person can have very vivid recollections of distant past events almost as if they were actually there. A person can even experience the emotional state they experience during that event.
    Hope that helps.
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