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Do you think that Humankind can ever attain the Golden Mean? Is it only a thing of Myth, Folklore and Magick?


  1. I find that dear Aristotle was a bit of a blowhard/know-it-all furthermore he spent way too much time thinking about the various concerns of life and little time exalting and living them. However that being said…Even if you do manage to find the mean, it’s not enough just to follow it. You can do good deeds but unless you have a good character yourself, Aristotle says the actions won’t be truly virtuous. You have to keep doing the right thing so that your character can become good, through training, and only then will your good deeds actually be good!
    Following the mean would take a lifetime to perfect, but the idea of a virtue being the perfect point on a line between two opposite vices is undeniably interesting. It can be applied to just about any aspect of life and may provide fresh insights into why bad actions are bad, and what it means to be good.
    I strive every day to be as kind and as good as is called for. But it is not the nature of man/woman to be perfect in this plane of existence. Blessed be…~M~

  2. in theory we can. it is within each person to want the quiet life in everything. but like everything else it takes lots of education and dedication to bring the next generations to that phase… plus you have to contend with others who are on different sides of that mean and pull you away.
    it’s like that couple who heard of a sage who lived on a high mountain and had discovered the answers to life’s questions.
    they climbed the mountains and sat with him, talking about things learning everything… until one of them asked… and what’s the secret of ridding ourselves of anger?
    the sage got up, started throwing things around and yelled: “do you think that if i had that answer i’d still be sitting on this friggin cold mountain?”

  3. This is a most interesting question and one I’ve had to closely reflect upon. As a reincarnationist I often wonder what has happened to the greatest people we have come to know. Did they move on to a higher existence, are they here in spirit, or are they living amongst us in vastly different circumstances? Eastern traditions, in particular, have described the Golden Mean or Middle Way as the way to freedom from this existence here on earth.
    In these days, I lean hard on the side of good, partly to make amends for my transgressions, but mostly just to do the right thing. I think we are all on our way and shall one day meet again beyond this life. Personally, I don’t think humanity will ever achieve this Golden Mean in mass, but surely progress will be made, one soul at a time.
    I’d give you another star if I could.


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