Home Discussion Forum Do you think that having one ear removed will ever be fashionable?

Do you think that having one ear removed will ever be fashionable?

Or having a third one sew on? What about a double navel? Lots more room for body piercing. I think that noses are ugly, Do you? Two small holes with a flap would look a lot better? Has anybody got the courage to rearrange there face? Have any western women ever had there eyes changed to make themselves look oriental?


  1. Im sure if all the catwalk models started doing it, the rest of the word would lolz.
    I wouldnt like to rearrange the face that God gave me. Im appreciative of it. I dunno if any Western girls have done that, Im inlove with Japan a bit too much, but I wouldnt change my face to look like them.

  2. imo eventually everyone will remove their ears nose and belly button in a quest for perfection. Michael jackson was just ahead of his time.

  3. definitely. no, no, some are, no and yes. as long as you’re the one that rearranges it for me & I’m not western, so no.

  4. It just takes one “celebrity!” to do something daft and the sheep will follow. I’m waiting for somebody to pose with a six inch nail in their head and to see the reaction!

  5. there was an episode of nip tuck if i remember correctly and there was a couple getting married. one of them was asian and their familywouldnt let them marry someone who wasnt asian. So the nip tuck people made the eyes slanty it was really sweet

  6. hush now…you don’t want to give those designer freaks more ideas…there are some pretty weird things going on already…i’ve been told they’ve been having a lot of “secret meetings” at the designer head quarters lol

  7. Anything is possible. How did putting burning weeds into your mouth ever become fashionable? Who thought of it in the first place?
    And tattoos – and piercings?
    Why do women wear high heels? And make up?
    We’ll do anything for fashion, it seems.


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