Home Discussion Forum Do you think that consciousness would exist without the body?

Do you think that consciousness would exist without the body?

What do you think and why do you think this/
This question is not as stupid as it looks BTW. There is a lot of evidence to support each point of view.


  1. No. The brain is the hardware, the mind/ consciousness is the software. No hardware, no nebulous software floating around.

  2. Maybe.
    Maybe consciousness are so small, that even the most powerful microscope in the future will never detect it. It’s so small and weightless, that it floats away when our body dies.

  3. No, there would be no sensory input and no experiencial learning. It would probably be very frightening and destructive. The brain is a part of the body. It makes as much sense to say would we be conscious if we were just a liver. All of our organs and tubes and wobbly squishy bits work together, and are connected via our senses to the rest of reality, this is consciousness, it does not come from us, but we are a part of it.

  4. I love seeing people so confident in their answers when there is no final verdict on which is correct, because we cannot go to the other side and come back to tell. Personally, I believe consciousness creates the body, not the other way around, this stance stemmed from my experiences with death, my own empirical knowledge, and reading into both sides of the debate.

  5. Depends if you believe consciousness is something of the brain, or if it is of the soul.
    Personally, i believe our souls have consciousness but do not have the intelligence that the brain contains. Like, now we may know how heat affects foods and proteins, but when we’re dead and drifting as souls, we would only know what is good and bad, or perhaps harbor a strong connection to an event.
    I believe the soul is something we suppress because of our bodies but it periodically rears it head. Times when you feel weak and vulnerable for no reason, times when you feel you’re on top of the world for no reason…Those times are you soul telling you something.
    But whatever it is, we’ll never know until death; the last journey for philosophers.

  6. Is anything lost forever? With an extremely advanced telescope and sound equipment, a distant civilisation in our nearby star system could see and hear John Lennon live. If consciousness is decipherable as electromagnetic waves or some other physical phenomenon, who knows what may be recoverable in the future.

  7. Absolutely.
    I can think of no other logical explanation for Near Death Experiences, documented encounters with ghosts and spirits, and the teachings of all of the greatest philosophical and spiritual masters which affim that the body is not all there is to us.

  8. Yes.
    Near death experiences recorded in past and present history.
    Then it depends on what knowledge you want to have trust in. I choose religious knowledge that deals with nonphysical aspects of man..


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