Home Discussion Forum Do you think that consciousness exists throughout the entire universe?

Do you think that consciousness exists throughout the entire universe?

Or only within our own heads?


  1. Only within our own heads. That is actually a metaphor, since our minds aren’t literally inside our heads. But our senses do depend on our physical location; so in some sense, mind is a function at least of our location in the physical world. For example, if you drop me in the Pacific Ocean I will have different mental experiences than if you put me in a desert environment. Other animals have consciousness besides us. What seperates us from other conscious beings is that we can be self-conscious.

  2. Consciousness is a type of mental state, a way of perceiving, particularly the perception of a relationship between self and other. It has been described as a point of view, an I, or what Thomas Nagel called the existence of “something that it is like” to be something.
    what was you question ??
    does it make much sense now ?

  3. No…
    Consciousness may just be an illusion inside our individual heads…
    If we are in constant flux (change) as each moment passes, then we are really never any “one” thing…
    We are verbs…
    Not nouns…

  4. Like with the evolution of the physical universe, consciousness exists throughout the universe and evolves. Limited in the beginning, consciousness becomes more conscious (acquires more freedom) as it evolves. Presently, we know consciousness as the freedom to move and be self-aware in an environment. Essentially, nothing changes because consciousness exists throughout the entire universe. Creativity, aesthetics, rationality, all are embedded in the physical universe. What does change,– once consciousness becomes self-aware, is the conscious experience of “right and wrong, good and evil, morality and immorality,” and with these changes in consciousness also comes the responsibility to choose between these opposites. Certainly wrong choices will be made, to be human is to err, however, it is hoped that in the end, the “good” will prevail.

  5. .
    Limited to only within our own heads? No.
    Consciousness does exist throughout the entire universe. The reason for that is that there is a unity, a collective consciousness, oneness that connects all.

  6. G-Tiantai in the sixth century demonstrated that your consciousness and everything else are inseparable. Does the wave exist separately from the ocean?
    You can begin to get into the understanding of these issues by using the LDK. Once you have daily life handled with the LDK, you will notice vastly expanded consciousness as a side effect.
    Life Decryption Key
    By Generalist 12-08
    There are some fundamental choices we all make in conducting our lives. Life often looks like an encrypted message. We need to decrypt the message and make some decisions.
    The first is to decide if we want to control our adult lives, or want to rely on an outside force. The second is whether we believe that causes produce effects, or not. This document is intended for people who want to be responsible for their own lives; that is, not rely on a deity for decisions or responsibility, and who accept that causes produce effects. That means effects are produced by causes and magic is for movies and Las Vegas shows. If you want to control your life by your own wit and responsibility, and accept that effects are produced by causes, read on. If you don’t, thank you for your time.
    Instead of guiding ones life by the flurry of concepts, hopes, fears, and aphorisms we learn, it is more effective to conduct daily life while using a concise, accurate and short set of reality descriptions. We need a mental key to make the jumble understandable and make decisions more accurate and easier.
    The key exists. It was derived over thousands of years by brilliant people in India and China and finally used as the title of the Lotus Sutra in Kumarajiva’s translation of the Lotus Sutra. A 13th century Japanese monk named Nichiren recognized it for what it is and realized that anyone could guide their life better by using this key. It can also be called a tool.
    This tool is intended strictly to improve the conduct of daily life and in no way deals with the origin of the universe, with creation of this or any other world, nor with the long-range destiny of man or the cosmos. This is a primer on how to improve the here and now with comprehension of real-life realities and relationships and enable thought on a clear basis.
    The main elements are the three increasingly familiar Japanese words Myoho, Renge and Kyo as the key for understanding reality and a verb, which is the means of using the Life Improvement Tool.
    Please write down all the words of intangibles that attach to life such as love, imagination, dreams, life, hope, fear, hate etc. Then write down all the words that relate to the tangible aspects of life. Think of brain, body, table, car clouds, air, soil, and on without limit. Yet, there is no mind without a brain. There is no car without thought. There is no wood for a table without the intangible life of a tree. There is no action without potential. The list of tangibles and intangibles is endless in English. However, the inseparability of tangible and intangible aspects is summed up in the Japanese words Myoho.
    Write down all the words for causes you can think of and effects those causes can have. They are all summed up in the Japanese words Renge-Causes simultaneously produce effects like the flower and the seed of the lotus.
    Everything is always changing. Write down all the words that come to mind about things changing-Clouds, faces, butterflies, concepts, memories and on and on. They are all summed up in the Japanese word Kyo. Because everything is always changing, no one is stuck where shehe is.
    The list of words and concepts that pertain to tangible and intangible, to causes and effects and to change can be endless and inefficient to use.
    The three words Myoho Renge Kyo include every aspect of life and exclude nothing. This is pragmatically observable by anyone. These words are also used in other ways in China and Japan, but the clarification of life aspects is the most important here.
    The people who win most consistently are the ones who use clear, concise truth to guide their lives. This formulation, used with focused intention, serves as a life improvement tool to enable anyone to see the relationships that exist between good concepts and harmful ones. The way to do that is to add the shortened Sanskrit verb for focusing intention and create Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. This is spoken repeatedly with the palms pressed together to close the energy circle. It releases delusions and limitations like vitamin C cures scurvy.
    Since we each have our unique paths and desires, there is no prescription for what people should focus on when they use the tool. It is all available. The human mind has vast possibilities to explore once we resolve the confusion. There is no intent to move anyone to think in a certain way. There is definite intention to help human beings to think more effectively in ways that improve their individual and collective lives.
    For more detailed information see <http://www.SGI.org>.
    SGI d


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