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Do you think that Christians will survive the planatary energy shift of dec 21-23rd 2012?

Since their bible doesn’t tell them about meditation and spiritual knowledge or how to attune their chakras to a higher level of energy? I think they will fall sick and die or just disintegrate whats your theory?


  • What planetary energy shift?
    You should get your science information from science websites, not woo-woo sites with lots of strange symbols and flashing stars. If you did, you would find that there is no astronomical event predicted for 21st December 2012 other than the solstice – a routine annual event. Anything unusual predicted for that date can be dismissed as bogus. You have a 100% guarantee on that.

  • I think they will have to deal with the shift of the axis, and all the catastophies that will follow. However, some may emit a high frequency (positive frequency) and be open minded, so will be able to access the forth dimension (or ascend).
    Those who fear death emit lower frequencies, and will stay here in the lower dimension (it matches the frequency they emit). Most animals are spiritually attuned yet they were never taught spiritual knowledge about chakras, etc. so I dont think that is the answer to acsension, as it dooms everyone who doesnt have access to that knowledge, but practising these things certainly does help. People who are closed minded, who limit/restrict themselves (through disbelief, not knowing the spirit/god within them, and not developing their ‘supernatural’ abilities), or who are attached to this world will not be able to ascend, but they all will eventually. They just arnt ready yet. those who dont have restricting beliefs, who are ready to learn and take the next evolutionary step will be able ascend. many people will be too closed minded to even comprehend the changes coming. Theyre not ready for it. They are not ready to know the power they hold. They will only see what they are able to see, and, because of their own limitations, it wont be pretty.

  • The planetary what now?! I’m sorry I have never heard of this theory and the way you described it I can’t imagine there being to much credibility to it either.

    If there was going to be some sort of planetary energy shift on December 21-23rd of 2012 don’t you think that NASA and the government would be trying to do everything in their power to alert people? I highly doubt the existence of such a shift or the existence of chakras.

  • First- You clearly don’t know what chakras are.

    Second- NOTHING is going to happen in 2012.

    Third- The bible doesn’t teach spiritual knowledge? What do you think the whole book is about?

  • I think the Christians will… along with everybody else. I’m planning on throwing a huge “In-your-face” party to humiliate all the “World is ending in December 2012″er’s.

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