Do you think that certain places have "bad juju" or negative energy?






There is a certain street in my city that I will no longer shop or work on… it just seems that every business on this particular street is shady and negative. (Even though it looks very beautiful and rich tourists love it).
There are also rooms in my house that feel better than others at certain times…
Is this valid or is it just me being crazy again?


  1. Totally…most people will think you are crazy, but everyone has their vibe about a place, they just call it something different.

    • There are places in this world that exhude a strange and negative energy….places of my youth, where certain turns in the road or hollows always had an unsettling aura as if they echoed deeper vortexes of a dark or foreboding universe…there are equally people who emanate this same dark energy or shroud …the poet in me is most sensitive to these but the warrior in me is not. I am Rh A Negative blood type and have always had a deeper sense and awareness of these vibrations than those around me and I am richer for it and have experienced extremely vivid dreams and nigtmares all my life..I am now 43 and do feel different and have always been attracted to certain women who emanate intellectual beauty and spirit..I sense that aura from the actresses heather graham or rachel weisz for example.

  2. Although I am scientist, I agree with you. Some places just feel wrong, and others have a great energy to them eg places of worship. I recently saw an egyptian exhibition and the sarcophagus there had a feeling of radiating power…
    I think that perhaps when very strong emotions are present at a place it can leave a sort of psychic imprint but i have no evidence to back it up!

  3. yes valid,u r not crazy the people who say no are,because they know it but are affaid of what admitting it would make others think of them

  4. What I state is not from my own experiance but I beleave it.
    In this “flow”, might be energy of good or bad. If u have opportunity, see where the dog lie, it’s a good spot where
    u can rest. Where the cat lie… avoid that spot…
    My English is to poor to express what I want to say but trust
    thy feelings, u are NOT crazy.

  5. I get those types of feeling too. Certain places in my house make me feel quite uneasy, especially at certain times of the day.
    I think it’s alot to do with your mind playing tricks on you. The feeling of unease at certain times could be feelings of lonliness if you are on your own or worry about something else.

  6. Although I too am a scientist and I think that in situations like this, oftentimes we are subconsciously cuing in to things that put us at unease (maybe a lot of shadows, a bad smell, something that reminds you of a previous bad experience, etc) without realizing it, so that it seems like a bad vibe but is really one part of your mind picking up on stuff,
    I have undoubtedly experienced negative energy myself.
    I was in Berlin, Germany, visiting a friend and while walking around I went to look at the underground Gestapo prison cell block-turned-outdoor museum on Prinz-Albrechtstrasse (former site of the SS headquarters).
    The museum was very informative, with all sorts of details and reproduced photographs and newpapers talking about what used to go on in these prison cells (murder, torture, etc).
    And then I stepped down into the cell, and it was horrible. I’d never felt someone else’s terror and sickness before, but I did then. I could see the markings of bullet sprays on the crumbling tiled walls, and stains on the broken-up floor, and I was cold from the inside out, even though it was late May.
    It was a tangible presence. I have no doubt that those prison cells remember. I have no idea how, but every inch of them emanated wrongness.
    The worst part, though, was after I shook myself out and walked on down the street, not two blocks away I saw that someone had recently spray-painted on a building wall some anti-Semitic and anti-Turkish sayings with an anarchy symbol.
    Although negative energy does seem to haunt some places, truly evil energy is generated not by past memories, but by the actions of the living.

  7. There are just certain places on Earth where the spirits are restless, and they don;t like people around.
    You need to make peace with the spirits.
    You can do this by mentally asking permission when you go there, or you could leave gifts of tobacco or something similar.

  8. It might have to do with Feng Shui.
    That is, bad Feng Shui = negative place, maybe.
    It might be a coincidence, but stores that face directly with the temple gates my town, Vientiane, in Laos, never prosper. My dad pointed that out to us one day.
    My aunt also kind of did better in business when she had bamboo trees to block the negative things you get from being directly across the temple gate.
    This is one of the examples of Fengshui. Or at least I think it is. Some places might be more negative than others because of it.
    (Some people even have fengshui specialists to look at houses before it is built or before they move in, including our family)

  9. yes, in fact. I live in Hawaii, and I don’t know if you know anything about night marchers, but I can always tell when they’re nearby. i get this odd sense of foreboding like I need to run and hide. That is the reason why I stopped watching “Most Haunted” because on the show, they invite the spirits, or jab at the spirits to interact with them, and I always have some wierd things happen after I watch that show, with a negative atmosphere in the house. I happen to believe that whatever spirits or demons or whatever are nearby hear it, and want to interact. Mind you, spirits are energy, therefore can move um I don’t know how fast, but really fast. According to one website, at the speed of thought.
    So to answer your question, if there is shady business, it’ll attract shady energy, or if you belive in God, God hates evil, so he won’t dwell in a place where people hate him. The bad vibes could be the absence of God. It could stem from things that happened in the fast, Ask the residents of Savannah Georgia (travel Channel)

  10. *Negative energy is very real. Rooms and houses can retain the negative energy of depressed people or bad events. If a place has negative people chances are that energy will build up over time and remain ther until it is replaced with positive energy.
    That is one reason for cleansing space with sage to get rid of the negative energy in a place, but I would not recommend walking down a city street with lit sage in my hands. But in your own place of residence you can get rid of negative energy by burning sage.*

  11. Yes I do believe that certain places and people have negative energy. It’s like having bad vibes…. it sounds like you are listening to yours. As far as your home is concerned… you may want to bless it and smudge with sage to remove what you call “bad juju” from the rooms where you feel it. Check the history of your home.. find out if anything bad happened in it… like a murder or death (sounds extreme) but realtors don’t always report this info. when trying to sale a property. Some folks call it residual energy left behind.

    • I thought it was just me, but then I found this sight after searching my question on the Internet. There is a small town I sometimes drive through on my way home, and this small country town feels very dark, and depressing. I instantly feel despair, and can’t wait to travel through it and leave it behind. Something is terribly wrong with that town, or me. I can’t stay there, visit, or ever live there, nor would I. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s a feeling of sorrow, despair, depression, and gloom, and I hate it. Does anyone know why I feel these things about this particular town?

  12. you are not crazy
    there are spirits that can hang around or entities or something that we cant see but can feel in some places
    its paranormal phenomena, we cant explain it
    yes very valid that sometms yo u mayn ot feel comfortable in one room while in another one you are
    that happens to me, i can sense badjuju (thanks for the word 🙂 when there is …and when there is…the place feels …not comfortable.
    one wants to leave that place
    however there is also places that have positive energy and lots of it
    special places
    they are around the world
    as well as there are worldwide negative potholes on earth
    th emiddle east is one
    big portal of bad energy

  13. There are places in this world that exhude a strange and negative energy….places of my youth, where certain turns in the road or hollows always had an unsettling aura as if they echoed deeper vortexes of a dark or foreboding universe…there are equally people who emanate this same dark energy or shroud …the poet in me is most sensitive to these but the warrior in me is not

  14. My Step Fathers house is so filled with sorrow, 40 years of misery you can feel it all over the house when you walk in. My mother just died in the house she wasted for 18 days and now it is worse than ever I have been taking care of him I took care of her too I actually feel so sick when I am there that I can only be there 3 days at a time. My step fathers energy is very, very dark always has been the house is soaked in his hatefulness. Many places I have been too have this effect on me I can also feel happy vibes in places but sadly I seem to be more tuned into sad vibes. I feel that my own anger and self pity was part of the reason my own house did not sell long before it should have only after I left to care for my mother in another state did it sell after being on the market for 5 years. I believe that people and events are what leave the bad energy in any given place. Sage does work there are many ways to clear negative energy from a place.

  15. I could feel A LOT of negative energy and bad vibes in St. Petersburg, Russia. In fact I left earlier that planned as it was all too much..Have you ever been there and if yes have you felt it as well?

  16. Wait! What does Rh negative blood type have to do with this? I’m curious because that’s mine, and I can sense places that are really off, too. I once walked by this beautiful old tree in a field on a warm fall day and had this cold awful feeling like something really bad happened there. I told my sister about it. She lived in the same area, and without me telling her where it was, she described the place. She, too, had felt that. She’s a journalist, so she started researching and found that a black man had been lynched from that tree decades ago.

  17. I’ve always felt very susceptible to the energetic vibes of certain places and homes. Like for example, some relatives of mine recently bought a summerhouse and once I walked in, I just, it’s really hard to explain, but I just felt like I needed to get out immediately. It’s not that the place scared me or something, it just felt extremely depressing and uncomfortable. Like all of your happy emotions had been suppressed and you have this instinct to get the heck out of there, you know?
    Another place is my aunt’s summerhouse by the river. It’s a two-storey building and the upstairs is OK (but not good), but the downstairs… It’s actually legitimately terrifying to me. I remember when I was little and someone would ask me to bring something from the tiny dark little kitchen, I used to run in very quickly, grab whatever that was needed and rush as quickly as I could out of there. Now I avoid going there altogether, as it just genuinely frightens me for some reason.
    So yes, I do believe in energetics and vibes and all that juju, haha! I also think that some people are more sensitive to these things than others. I also believe that we all have that “sixth sense” or whatever you like to call it in us, it’s just a natural human instinct, but some of us have simply forgotten how to use it, if that makes sense. I personally think it’s quite a useful sense to have, as it’ll aid you in many areas in life.

  18. No you are not being crazy. I have felt this in houses,properties,towns… I think its caused by the people that are in these geographical areas. And it’s not that you are crazy it’s because you are sensitive. I will say a place or town is weird or negative and the person I’m with at the time will look at me strangely. That’s because they are less sensitive to their surroundings than you and I are.

  19. I own a bush block by the sea that has never been lived on. Not by white people anyway and I get terribly anxious and start catastrophising there. I never feel like this elsewhere. I’m thinking its something to do with geographical, geological or magnetic land related issues rather than something human and spiritual. Is this possible? Is there a cure apart from not going there?

  20. I am originally from Mississippi. I recently heard on a program about a medical center there wanting to expand, but they weren’t allowed because there are close to 7,000 bodies buried on that site, and they are former mental patients. They say the area exudes extreme negative energy. Also, Mississippi is in the path of Hurracaines and storms which leave a lot of unsettled energy and destruction.
    When I was 25, I moved to a city located in the eastern part of the state. I remember that the boundary around the city was so heavy. You could drive across the city line, and feel like you were entering Hell. I’ve never encountered such a large percentage of pedophiles, and thieves anywhere else. Through Divine help, I was able to get out of that place.

  21. Cambria , Morro Bay, San Simeon CA area. Me and my husband love it there but after the sun goes down it gets really dark there and something bad always seems to happen. Only in the dark though, it’s fine and beautiful during the day. My husband almost drowned just from walking through the near the sand and tiny waves the last time we were there. THE WHOLE AREA though not just one. It must have some sort of curse or bad energy there as we both are very sensitive to that sort of thing. He always wants to stay there even because of this and I don’t understand why. It’s like he gets possessed every time. Has anyone else experienced darkness around this area of the coast?

  22. In Hawai’i, there is a town that my grandmother is from. Every time I go through this town, I get really bad anxiety and feel like I need to escape. The population is small there, so maybe everyone knows each other there. I even had a nightmare of a church there, and freaked out when I saw it in real life. I had never seen the church before the dream. I have a feeling there is a reason my grandmother’s family moved from there, AND I am picking up past vibrations of their stay there. like noone from our family is supposed to be there. it likes it pushing me out, and warning me to not stay there long.

  23. I live in a so-called spiritual “vortex” area in Southern Colorado that used to be a gold camp and a sacred site for indigenous people. The lamas that come here say there is evil energy in the mountains in one specific place and that is a portal of some sort. I don’t know about all that, but honestly, I am very psychically sensitive. I have lived here for over two years and I never feel “well” or grounded here. It seems to take me an enormous amount of energy to get things done here, to concentrate, and to cope with small town psychic interference and gossip, etc.. Bottom line is that I I feel psychologically under siege a lot of the time and like the magnetics of this place are throwing me off on a system-wide body basis. There are good things about it and I don’t know where else to go, but this is not working for me. I think a lot of it has to do with altitude as well.

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