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Do you think that certain people can raise our level of consciousness just by being in their presence?

examples like the Buddha and Jesus it has been said just their presence in the villages and nothing more would raise the consciousness of those around them…


  1. I absolutely do. I know people that walk into a room and you can just feel the holy spirit coming from them. They bring peace and joy and comfort to people. People definitely notice that there’s something special about certain people. I really try to live my life as a Christian. I want people to see me and think, “There’s something about that girl” That something I want to be known as a Christian to everyone.

  2. I have been around people like that,yes….well not Jesus or Buddha like,but just very smart,conscious people….
    good question

  3. Yes, but to me, they are not just certain people. If you truly meet a person in the here and now that does that for you, to me, that is worth its weight in gold.

  4. There are people who the Spirit of God manifests itself in such a powerful way that just walking near them crushes you under the weight of your sins.
    But it isn’t the people it’s how God’s Spirit has come upon them in power.

  5. We each give off electromagnetic fields.
    We also can improve ourselves physically by what we think (example: placebo effect).
    It is certainly within reason to suggest that people who are spiritually strong enough can improve others with their electromagnetic fields based on what they think. A spike in consciousness can certainly fit here.

  6. Yes I do believe, and have experienced, that.
    As humans we don’t just relate with spoken, viewed or written expression . . . We also are soul / spirit. It’s the soul / spirit part that I see being brought to the surface in the scenario that you note in your question.
    To “see” what can’t be seen, touch the invisible, hear the “unspoken”, express / communicate from the soul.

  7. Anyone who is reflects out the light of the Gods which is Good can do that.
    I admit that one of the reasons I converted out of atheism because I came into contact with one such person while I was visiting Crete. He is a Hellenic Pagan and he just reflected out this kind of sereneness and holiness and goodness when you talk to him. By just being in his presence you are elevated.

  8. yes, years ago I was going through a hard time after my son passed away. A friend of mine who is a new thought Reverand would give me a lift. I didn’t make a big deal out of it but I started noticing a huge shift in my health when ever I saw her or went to her house. I know many high spiritual beings & I am going to see them tomorrow. My husband is dyslexic so he doesn’t read so it is not the material but he will go to our spiritual center & we feel transformed. We are around people who are very positive & very wise. It is all energy.

  9. Perhaps it’s possible. Some people, like my own late grandfather, do seem to affect others simply by “charisma”, which is non-verbal. But much more can be achieved through communication. Difficulty arises because most people do not listen. Look what we’ve done with the wisdom available over the past few thousand years! Ignored most of it, and turned the rest into mindless dogma and “magic” instead of learning to think.

  10. m y belief is that knowledge increases awareness. so a book can do this, people can do this, and most certainly someone such as buddah and Jesus would. these, i believe are philosophers. finders of knowledge, discoverers, teachers.

  11. Yes, I do believe that. And people do it in different ways, but ultimately those people are good people that respect and love others.

  12. Very true! That’s why in India we are urged to seek company of good/virtuous people and avoid those with bad influence. We are all impressionable, more so when young & inexperienced. I believe every one of us has a ‘presence’ and we affect other people by just being with them. Some have such serenity that just looking at them calms our nerves….some have bubbling energy about them and can enliven the whole scene. So I believe what you’re saying here is possible!

  13. Command presence can be very inspiring. Exceptional talent excites novice and professional to enrich themselves with greater passion for their interest.
    What Tiger Woods has done for golf is an excellent example.

  14. I don’t know about consciousness but, I’ve been around people who have raised my blood pressure . Some times good and some times for the worse .

  15. The person in Jesus or Buddha, that raised consciousness of people around, sits within yourself as well, so do sit in your own company, and raise your vibrations everyday. and feel as a Buddha would.
    It is not that you don’t have ‘that’ in your centre, and they did, it is just that they let it out more often, sometimes people feel the same in your company as well I am sure!
    Let your Light shine, more often!

  16. yes…i think our brain reacts to many things…and just like someone might be a fan of a movie star if they are influenced by a person or sight their brain is influenced

  17. Yes. GOOD people have a positive energy which ‘d have effect on its surrounding. OTOH, Bad people, ‘d have negative effect. The GOOD and BAD however is in the eyes of the beholder.

  18. I believe that is very true. I often feel that way, when I am in a state of sorrow, when I am around someone special, I feel a weight being lifted from my shoulders and soul. It is an extraordinary feeling.

  19. It depends on your being open to the presence of the master .There were so many people at the time of Buddha and not everybody recognize the master .He was available to everybody only a few could raise themselves.So not only a physical presence is required only the feeling of the masters presence can raise you only if you beome like a hollow bamboo and allow the master to play the tune!!!

  20. in presence of saints and God, level of consciousness is always raised..even if we are at a distance – unless ofcourse one is too unfortunate (in rare cases) maybe (somewhat 4 kind of reasons Shivamat mentions)

  21. True. Enlightened and healed people can have a healing presence and influence on people. Personally, I have met spiritual teachers. Even hearing their voice can make you feel better. Their voice projects such love and honesty – it is wondrous.

  22. Yes, I have been in the presence of one that always brought out the best I could be at the time. She has that effect on everyone I know who have met her.

  23. Absolutely! Our own light is more brightly reflected in their presence, raising our vibration to a higher level, and an entrainment takes place…much like a room full of individual drummers ultimately coming to a single beat. Or, if one were to lay one’s head against the breast of a loved one, listening to his or her heartbeat, one’s own beating heart would soon echo the rhythm of the other’s. An opposite example is of the masses being entrained to one another into duality separation, even, perhaps, into mob behaviors.
    When another’s Light and Love shine forth so purely (as, for instance, with a master), one is drawn to it like a moth. We have a longing to be what we inherently are, though we might be unfamiliar with what that is. Light seeks Light and Love draws Love as the ear is drawn to sound, the eye to sights, or the tongue to taste…for it is our natural state, though we have forsaken it, falling into an illusion.
    How wonderful to experience such resonance, lifting us to a higher level of awareness. In that state, we have the opportunity to know a different way of being, and perhaps will choose to awaken from the dreamsleep that hides our own Light.
    i am Sirius

  24. When we are in the midst of pious people, we derive their spiritual radiance. Such perfected soul, The powerful vibrations of His Holiness penetrate within us and bring about a speedy change towards our betterment.
    Even by contemplating our mind on a pure and holy being, we become holy. Likewise when we think of any one’s evil side, we ourselves take share of that evil, just as you meditate on a saint, you gain saintliness. We become exactly what we think. Intense thought forms our internal and external nature. Meditation brings these benefits.


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