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Do you think that BARACK OBAMA will be the GREATEST president that the US has ever had ?

He has got the potential. And he makes sound judgment. You are
looking at a man who overcame all of the odds that were against him.
Even I did not think he could have pulled this off about 1 year ago.
However he did, and then some. I have one word to say when I think
of Obama. Influence. That is why things are changing so fast, and
it will do so in ways that cannot be explained. A lot of people are
really ignorant when it comes to the underlying dynamics of politics.
It is not always black and white. It is not always by the book either.
There are things going on that we cannot see behind the scenes.
And it is on a spiritual level. That also has a hand in politics for those
of you who don’t know. A shift of consciousness has taken place.
Just like it did in 1992. And this country will be right back to where
it was, but better and stronger than ever. You shall see. Can you
say 2012 ? What do you think, will Obama be the greatest president
this country has ever had ?


  1. No. Far from it. He will be a disaster if he tries to impliment all of his socialist policies. How the heck does he think raising taxes in a recession will help? Obama is a nimrod.
    lol at louis…Obama is a centrist??? You’ve GOT to be kidding. Obama is so far on the left fringe he’s about to fall off the edge.

  2. No, but he will be a good president. Obama is a technocrat centrist. He will disappoint a lot of progressives because he will govern from the middle. In doing so, the Republicans will find very little ammunition against him in the 2012 campaign. To run against him, they will have to move a long way to the right and run on religious issues. That’s a sure loss for the Republicans.

  3. Obama will serve 1 term and based on his stated goals will go down as being as bad or worse then Jimmy Carter

  4. I think you are stretching it, just a little. He’s got some great ones to go up against…
    George Washington
    Thomas Jefferson
    Abraham Lincoln
    Teddy Roosevelt
    He’ll be doing well to keep up with RWR or WJC

  5. Not a chance
    He may not be the worst but he will not accomplish half of what people like Lincoln did.
    ” Just like 1992…”
    Theres just one problem with a return to the clinton years
    Who is going to bring back a tech boom that was responsible for the economy that Clinton falsely took credit for?

  6. How can anybody make that assumption. Look at the stock market since his election. It’s like a yo yo. Everyone has lots of hope for any new president, especially one like Obama who has charisma. But, you just can’t say that about any person before he even takes the job. Can you imagine being hired for a job, and 2 months before you go to work for them, people say your going to turn the company around? That’s just ridiculous.

  7. He won’t get the chance. No mortal being would be able to sort the messes out in just 4 years, the wars and the economy. Even if Obama was a superman (which he isn’t) the worst will still be yet to come, and he will be blamed when it does.

  8. I think we will not know the answer to this until he actually takes office and starts to implement policy. There has been no change to date that I can discern and if there is it is not a product of an Obama Presidency. Refer to previous statement. He has not been sworn in yet. Your enthusiasm is unbridled and that is fine, but it is also blinded by a faith which is not yet justified in any tangible sense. I have reasonable expectations for Obama, but not high hopes.

  9. Not even in office and your calling him the greatest…that is SICK
    His voting record and beliefs will likely rate him down around Carter as one of the worst …but time will tell

  10. That would be nice ,but I don’t think he can live up to all the great press he has had.But he currently is the best president elect that money could buy.Right?

  11. I don’t know, and i don’t think anyone can.
    I do believe that he is off to a good start.
    He is pragmatic, intelligent, and calm. He makes good sound decisions.
    Being the greatest president is a long shot, but he has the potential. Only history will tell.

  12. he will never be that high on the list. obama is a popcorn fart that elitist pushed on americans. he isn’t that smart,he just does as he is told.

  13. YOU KIDDING? He’s just a junior senator whos done nothing but snatch federal dollars for rich poeple in illinois. What has he done to make you think he will be the best? nothing. I guess if you talk a big game, the suckers buy in. I remember another guy who talked a big game and the suckers bought in. His name was hitler.

  14. Wow is there a different Barack Obama then the arrogant P.O.S. I have seen on Tv,in the papers, on the internet? You must give me the channel your watching so I can look at one who wont destroy this country to nothing, I would feel a whole lot better about that one.

  15. No one will beat the Roosevelts. I have been watching most of Obama’s televised speeches lately and they are scaring me on how much deeper he is going to dig this country into debt.
    And the fact that he is making you feel that way scares me as well. It makes me think that you are not clear headed and easily swayed by pretty words. Its politics, you have to think rationally.

  16. man you have really fell off the wagon ..he has no influence he has no back ground and he hasn’t overcame any obstacles he is just a temporary replacement for a unpopular president which in 2 years we will be wishing was back in office he will probably be impeached by his peers before he even gets settled in his new house he has started out his election by lying and as most democrats do he wont stop with the minor ones there is a reason that democrats very seldom stay more than one term (other than daddy bill) they always fail

  17. Every President has the potential to be the ‘greatest’ President ever. Now if the Dow is back at 14K, Republicans and Democrats in Congress are playing well together, Bin laden is dead, the Taliban doesn’t exist, unemployment is below 5%, there is peace in israel, iraq, Afghanistan, and pirates are no longer attacking ships in the Gulf of Eden by 2012 I will say he’s better than Washington or Lincoln. Maybe even better than both of them combined.
    But until then my expectations are not that lofty. I just hope he does as well as Harry Truman.

  18. Unfortunately, no. I hope with every fiber of my being that he will make positive changes in this country and prove to be a decent leader, but my cynicism creeps in and shouts very loudly in my ear that he will screw up this country even more. Yes, I did vote for Obama, but not because I backed him. It was because I felt that Obama was the lesser of the evils.

  19. I think he will be a very good president and the right wing bigoted wingnuts might sit back and observe a leader in action – not a politician. Folks who run for office want one of two things – either they’re after the power and greed that does along with having an office and spread the wealth with their idiot cronies OR they truly have the best interests in the country and it’s people in mind – like the Kennedys. He is not choosing yes men and cronies and buddies to be part of his team. He is choose eminently qualified (in their respective areas) so all points will be discussed and the best course chosen. Another thing Obama is doing is making US citizens feel they ARE part of this country – not just observers of political abuse and victims of same. The whole world breathed a sigh of relief when he was elected. So those of you who choose to embrace hate and bigotry – go back to your caves please and let the rest of us American rebuild this country.


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