Do you think that Astrology has any effect at all an your life?

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Is there anything to this?
Other than the psychological effect of believing that it’s real, is there any effect caused by the position of the stars and planets on our lives?

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Muslim 1



I don’t believe in astrology, so no.

Apostle Jeff

Yes the tides.

Vicarious Cynic ((Hug Brigand))

just as much as fortune cookies do.


Considering that it was the basis of 2/3 of the religions on this planet, I guess it affects me.

Betty Boop Oop A Doop

No it is just superstitious nonsense.

Maire Siobhan

Not at all. It’s just one of many belief systems invented by humans trying to make their world more predictable.

Bambina Delle Stelle AM-VT

No not at all.


The purpose of divination is to show the person seeking things that he may have overlooked. It’s like that in a real Tarot reading, it shows you another angle to look at the situation. Often this allows us to overcome obstacles. Sad that some find this wrong, they are missing much. Which is why I truky believe in having a belief structure that allows me to wonder, as opposed to one that closes my mind.


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