do you think that after 2012, animals will gain higher consciousness, and organize a revolt against humans?






this includes insects…


  1. Animals’ brains are not developed to a higher brain function.
    They’re barely self-aware, relying on instinct rather than higher learning functions. In otherwards, they do not reason, nor are they aware of choices. Their brains are simply not developed enough.
    They are not now, nor will they ever be self aware.
    Insects have perhaps a nerve strand for a brain. Simply put, no.
    Perhaps in five or six million years? A billion? Doubtful. By the time animals or insects did become sentient, humans would either be extinct or off this world entirely.

  2. I was reading this hindu comic before and it had 2 street dogs coversing with each others.And they were like, “hhhmm, silly humans.I hope I don’t get reincarnated into one of you.”It just caught me in the moment and I was laughing hysterically.By the way, I am a hanif-muslim.

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