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Do you think that a yoga instructor is a decent job?

If you work for a high-class studio? I’m 15, and I’m considering becoming a yoga instructor when I finish high school, but my mom doesn’t want me to because she says it doesn’t pay very well. What should I do?


  • doubtful you will get anywhere near 40 hrs of work a week, probably 5-10 if you are lucky-might be a decent part time evening job

  • To my knowledge, work-out places only pay a set rate per class for exercise instructors. (example $20 a class.) So, that kind of work is only really good for a little extra pocket money. Your Mom’s right.
    If you want a career in the exercise world, it’d be better to get a degree in fitness or health or go for teaching certificate so you can be a gym instructor if you want to.

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