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Do you think that a near death experience told by a child is credible?

First of all children are impressionable and have imaginations-epecially if they are bright. This boys Parents are selling a book using his stories of his visit to heaven. They say they have credible evidence he was there.. Your thoughts?


  • I can’t speak to the motive the parents have, but it could be just money. However I believe children are more likely to speak the truth of their experiences than adults. Dr. Melvin Morse has been researching children’s near death experiences for many years and has a web site about them. I believe the children speak the truth, and for those who find it difficult to believe personal experiences should understand that personal experiences are all we have in this world, there is nothing else.


  • I hate people exploiting children. It is so hard to take the kids word for it. You have no idea what his parents fed him on purpose or on accident.

    “did you see anything baby? Like a light or a tunnel? You did?!!?!?!

  • I think for a child the line between imagination and such experiences is quite thin but that is not to say that they cannot have these experiences. Near Death Experiences are not exclusive to any certain age group and there have been numerous accounts of young children seeing angels and “The Light” during a near death event. There are even reports of children describing events of someones life from the past leading some to believe that the particular child was reincarnated. Much of this evidence is compelling and we cannot ignore what children say but at times interpreting what they describe is the challenge at hand.

  • When I was 5 I got the wind knocked out of me and had an out-of-body experience that I remembered years later. I remember floating above everyone while my mom cried “Please don’t die.” I was about 15 feet off the ground looking down. I saw myself in my mom’s arms and all the neighbors in the yard. Having experienced that, I believe in a spirit and its ability to leave the body. I do not doubt many stories of death and return. I think it is possible and likely. I am now 62 and remember the incident at 5 as if it were yesterday.

  • I think a child is more credible than an adult since they don’t have the concept of lying for profit. Whether this kid was coerced to say these things by his parents is another story, but even still, it would be difficult for a child to keep his story consistent if he were lying or making it up. It is possible he is making it up as he goes along to get attention.

  • I say it is possible maybe he is gonna be sumin great and god is leading him and it is possible he over exaggerated especially when he gets all that attention doing it but there is no bout he might be tellin the truth

  • Oh that’s a tough one. I would have to hear the story for myself to decide but a child is more likely to go to heaven than an adult. They haven’t had the time to commit too many sins or become jaded about the human race and our evil governments who don’t give a crap about children or any humans at all.

  • Violent, near death stuff is hard to forget even in children and later they suppress it but as the child is still young he proably still remebers.

  • I pretty much never consider personal experiences credible. A child’s personal experience is even worse since, as you said, children tend to have very active imaginations.

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