Home Discussion Forum Do you think that 2012 will bring anything huge?

Do you think that 2012 will bring anything huge?

Do you think most people at their current spiritual state can handle enlightenment and what kind of effects on our surroundings would a mass spiritual awakening have (Billions doing chakra chants, and opening your mind etc)


  1. Nope. I’m content to sail right through 2012 and into 2013. People have been claiming the end of days has been upon us for centuries. The same people who were on the street corners holding “The End Is Near” signs yesterday were there 10 years ago.

  2. 2012 will pass like last week’s lunar eclipse. Most people will never even realize there was anything to notice. Those of us who do care will see the alignment and watch it for what it is, a pretty coincidence. A small handful of fringe lunatics will have a few days of strange behavior and then move on to the next crazy fad.
    There will be no spiritual awakening. There will be no changes. You will still have to go to work the next week.

  3. nothing but being able to see the center of the galaxy move across the sky with the sun for the first time in 6450 years


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