Do you think tarot cards are accurate?






Whenever I do a reading for someone the reading comes out very accurate, good or bad. What do you think?


  1. No. Putting pictures on cards and making up stories about each drawing isn’t the way to tell if someone will live happy or die sad. It’s downright blasphemous to say so.

  2. It is not the card it is the reader. The cards are merely symbols, it is up to the reader to determine what meaning they have in respect to the person seeking guidance. Additionally they are not intended to predict actual accurate predictions just guidance so the subject can make better choices for themselves.
    Edit: In respect to others whom have answered, some readers may be able to give accurate readings with tarot cards but the cards themselves are not intended this way, they are merely a divination tool for the reader.

  3. As was noted in another answer, it is as much the reader as the reading. I don’t read tarot, but I do color readings (my own system) and my readings for people are also very accurate. I also know I am intuitive and simply ‘know’ what each color means with regard to the person I am reading. The colors are extremely broad, unlike Tarot cards, so what each color means could be almost infinite in definition, but I always seem to ‘hit the nail on the head’. People tell me, who buy my kit, that it works for them also, so I think it is partially my system and partially me. It is probably the same with you and Tarot.

  4. I read Tarot, Wicca cards, Animal Druid cards and Runes; and I have been 100% accurate with my readings, not just for myself, but for others. Empathy and intuitiveness play huge parts in the reading; but as stated, the readings are meant for guidance and are not written in unchangeable stone.

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