Do you think Tarot cards actually work?

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To people that actually use the cards, do they work for you? If they do, how specific are the predictions? Is there negative energy associated with the cards? I’ve read that when people have slept with them under their pillow, they woke up with a headache or the cards were scattered all over the floor. Any experiences like those?

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Yes but, Not always by what the Books that come with them say


Yes, cards work if you work them.
Yes the actually work for me.
The predictions aren’t really predictions. More like an explanation of the types of people and events that I will encounter in the future. How it turns out is up to me.
There is only the energy you give to the cards.
No. I usually keep the cards in the box when they are under the pillow.


The only thing that works is the act of you opening your wallet to pay the clueless wonder who just told you a bunch of hooey…….


I took a class on Tarot cards once, and I had a deck and amused myself by doing readings for people I knew (not for money, just for fun.)
Here’s my opinion. Any creative person can make up a story about a sequence of cards. Since every card can be interpreted in more than one way, pretty much any story you come up with in a reading can have some “hits” or relevance for the situation.
I was never satisfied that any kind of higher message was coming through the cards, or that anything at all was happening other than me making up a story about the cards. I did it four or five times and then stopped forever, because I realized that it is not something to be done lightly and that I might be inviting something that I was not ready or able to deal with. Whereas I can’t prove I was getting any kind of message from “beyond” (I have no discernible psychic ability), I also was not 100% sure that it couldn’t happen and it is never wise to open that kind of channel unless you are far better educated and protected than I was or want to be.
I had a couple of Tarot readings during those years. Nothing earth-shaking was ever revealed to me and I even got a very wrong answer to a very important question about whether my mother’s illness was really serious or whether she was over-dramatizing. The reader said “Your mother will probably outlive you!” and my mother passed away within months. Not that I was banking on her answer, I just wanted to see what she would say.
I really think that you could take those cards, arrange them in ANY order or EVERY possible order, and still come up with a story that someone could “make” relevant to their situation.
So no, I don’t believe in Tarot. My experience with very good psychics since then is that someone with real psychic ability does not need cards to do a reading.


Only if you believe in them.

Donna F

tarot cards do work they amazingly acurate 🙂 i think there can be bad energy if they are used too much but im not sure on that 🙂 them being scattered has never happened to me or my friend who does them to 🙂 your better off putting them under your bed thats what i do 🙂 hope this helps 🙂

tracey hin

Yes, my friend did a reading for me and everything has turned out as she said.


Tarot cards, like any other tool of divination, will work. Like tea leaves and regular playing cards and runes and sand, etc.; all will give the reader the indications required for a good reading.
Tarot have a wealth of imagery on them but they themselves don’t tell anything, unless interpreted. Yes a reader can memorize the meanings but that isn’t a legitimate reading.
The tarot reader should interpret the cards, using them as a tool to see the paths and choices available to the client. The tarot have a rich history but shadowed beginnings. They have come down through history as divination tools, but began as a game, just like regular cards.
I’ve been reading Tarot for over forty years and have never been disappointed by them, as a tool for my readings.


The whole thing depends on how well you can interpret the cards.
Remember that a deck can only look several months into the future, there are way too many factors influencing things and when you get too far out even small things can shift an outcome dramatically.
Yes, they do work very well for me, I don’t have problems with negative energies, the mere act of shuffling scatters the negativness. It’s not necessary to sleep with the deck either, that’s strictly on an ‘if you want to’ basis.


Yes they did. It freaked me out on how accurate it was.

Alan B

i believe they do. they have been around for centuries as a form of divination. they take practice. i dont think they come with negative energies, only if the user is negative while using them and other things like that.
i do not have any and have no tried it but it is something i would really like the do.


Yes, they work. Note that your reading will change based on the person conducting the reading; a friend reading your cards has insights about you that someone who doesn’t know you does not.
I gave a reading to a friend of mine several years ago, and she told me that the predictions in the cards came true the next day plus she said that she would never have another reading based on that.


Your question addresses people who use tarot cards but then you go on to assume that such people will use them for divination. However, this is not the case, there is more variety in their use than you think…
Tarot cards were created in mid 15th century Italy for the Milanese court. They consist of two parts, a pack of latin suited playing cards, and an extra suit of picture cards. These picture cards took as their theme a triumph procession, hence their early name of trionfi, meaning triumphs and from which we get our word trump. And that’s what they were, a suit of fixed trump cards for a family of card games that is still played throughout much of continental Europe.
It was not until the end of the 18th century that Parisian occultist Antoine Court de Gebelin proposed an occult origin and suggested their use for divination.
I cannot answer for diviners but nearly 600 years of card players haven’t notices any negative energies, so I wouldn’t worry on that count. As for their working – yes, tarot is the best family of card games in the world!


yes, Tarot cards work for me. I just finished imprinting a few days ago, and all the readings I have done have been correct. There can be negative energy if you let someone else use your cards, can muck up the works and you have to cleanse them of the energy; my brother used my cards for a few weeks and when I got them back it was like an instant headache.

Cheri Gaudet

I have done many readings for myself and others that were eerily accurate. I have been blessed to have been able to share with others specific insights into specific situations in their lives, even when I know nothing about their lives whatsoever and all they asked was for a general reading (no specific question).
However, I do not believe the cards possess “negative energy.” Typically, when I find that I feel anxious or disturbed by a card, it is because I am not understanding it correctly. That’s my experience anyway. Why someone would sleep with the cards under their pillow is beyond me. From my perspective, the cards are a communications tool, like the phone, that links me with my spiritual guides and God Source.


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