Home Discussion Forum Do you think some people really have clairvoyant powers?

Do you think some people really have clairvoyant powers?

Mr Curious. Are you saying I am uneducated for asking the question? That seems a bit harsh.


  1. I do believe that some people are rather more perceptive than the rest of us.
    Having said this, there is, in my eyes, 10 fakes to every 1 genuinely perceptive person…

  2. Yes, I do. I believe that some people are just more in tune with the people close to them and with their surroundings, so that makes them more aware, and when you pay attention, you often see things more clearly. I am “linked” to a few of my friends and have had disastrous dreams that would have come true had I not paid attention. And…i have witnesses…and I don’t get paid or advertise, as I can’t control it…it just happens.

  3. Yes – i think we are all capable of this -if we tap into that part of our brains and open our minds to it -its just a matter of using more than ten percent of your mind – I have had several instances when I must have been intune with it – cause I knew what was going to happen before it happened – like a car wreck or something someone said and i knew several times who was at the door without seeing them or who was about to call me -(with no caller ID mind you) call it intuition or what you will but it does exsist and anyone can do it its just others are advanced at it I guess

  4. If you mean seeing things before they happen, NO. If you mean reading people’s minds, NO. If you mean being able to move things with your mind, NO.
    As of today’s date there are NO verifiable accounts of mind-over-matter powers EVER successfully demonstrated and independently tested in the history of the earth. If there ARE any such tests with verifiable results please make me aware of them.
    No educated person believes in such nonsense.


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