Do you think reality exists separate from our consciousness?

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If nobody in this universe had consciousness, no animals would it still exist? What do you think makes something real? Is it just the interpretation we get from our five senses? Do you think there are more senses we are not conscious of?

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Part of that is a good question.
There is an objective reality, and there is also subjective awareness of parts of that reality.
If all people were deaf, you could also ask “are there other senses?” and some would say no, others might say yes.
Look at animals that have all sorts of unusual senses, some of which scientists don’t understand. Likely there are many more senses in animals that we can’t guess.

Joe K

Each of us has our own reality. There is no such thing as having the “same reality” with everyone else. Reality is nothing more than your thinking and what you think is real, what you could see, etc. The fact that chemicals and hormones can influence our perceptions shows that it is in fact how we interpret and think about something that makes it that way. For instance, a tired person has a different reality than an energetic person. They might look at the same picture, but have different thoughts. So it is based on our thoughts, hormones, chemicals, senses etc. It is a mixture of these things combined together into one picture.


i think there are a lot more senses we arent conscious of. we only use 10% of our brain. think of what humans are actually capable of if we knew how to use all of our brain. i think the universe would still exsist if nobody had consciousness, because there is a lot more to the universe then just us and animals. realness is what we make it, its hard to grasp but if we can see it and here it and “know” its there, i guess in turn its up to us to decide if its real.


It doesn’t matter their would be no life


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