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Do you think Queen put a subliminal message in "Another One Bites The Dust", or is it coincidence?

Here’s a link you can listen to the “subliminal message”…


  1. I think that is a bunch of hooey.block wing probably get smoke marijuana they probably were not straighten up to figure out how to make it sound that way backwards

  2. “Back-masking” in the music world is as controversial as abortion rights. The Jerry Falwell Followers had a rock band bash field day using alleged “santanic back masking messages” in songs from popular rock bands.
    That is…until such “santanic” subliminal messages popped up LOUD on some of Falwell’s favorite Christian music groups….then the battlecry against rock music pretty much grinded fast to a stop.
    I’m a big Led Zep fan, and I can say I haven’t allowed any “back masked messages” to switch me on like a robot and commit headline making crimes spontaneously….yet.

  3. Oh good grief. It’s total coincidence. If John Deacon and Freddie Mercury et al. decided it really was fun to smoke marijuana, shoot, they simply would have said it…not couched it as some pseudo-subliminal track on the flip side of Another One Bites the Dust. It isn’t even that clear, when you listen to the chorus in reverse. Wishful thinking on someone’s part, I’d wager.

  4. i don’t think they put that message in there… at least not on purpose. i couldn’t understand them until i read what it was “meant” to say. same goes for the other two songs listed.

  5. Queen never seemed to be conherent enough to me to do something so sneaky, i’ve only seen 1 or 2 concert tapes and interviews of the band member and they always look either wasted or recuperation from a big night out

  6. NO!
    I tell you what, just listen to “YOU’RE SIXTEEN, YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL (AND YOU’RE MINE)” backwards. This is a very “innocent” song but it contains “Aw, satan. I’m going there”. Do I think it was on purpose? Nope. Do I care? Nope. Do I think any “backmasking” is subliminal or somehow makes people into satanists? Nope.
    Why do they pick on rock tunes anyway? I think it is religious fanatics’ ways of trying to scare people……AND I’M A CHRISTIAN!!!!!!

  7. People say if you listen tot he song backwards you can hear this message. I’ve seen this site several times pop up everywhere. But I think it is bullshit, while first: who plays his songs backward, you listen mostly forward. Second digitally spoken I wouldn’t now how to play a song backward on my computer.Thirdly Queen always denied that there was a backward message in their songs and specialy this one.


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