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Do you think psychiatrists know what they are doing?

Do you think psychiatrists know what they are doing? I mean my brother is on antipsychotic drugs for like 3 years and it only makes him sleep, he doesn;t even go outside. I think he’s more depressed then he was before. I don’t even recognize my brother. Are does drugs that they prescribe to patients really work? Sometimes I feel people would do much better without them.
Are those drugs*


  1. If your brother is sleeping all the time, his medication doseage (or the medication itself) may need to be changed. Call his doctor, and let him know what is going on – particularly if he seems depressed and doesn’t go out. Don’t waste time – call, or go to the emergency room.

  2. yes they know what they are doing. they sit and “listen” to someone talk for an hour, make tons of money for doing it, and then give them some pills. sounds to me like they’ve been knowing what to do.

  3. It’s strange to me how people can say that psychiatry is helpful. What is the difference in being addicted to counseling or prescription medications and other addictions that are classified as “bad”? If one can not function without the use of something, it IS an addiction. And, yes, I believe psychiatrist, psychotherapists and counselors know they are destroying people, but it’s a lucrative business.

  4. i’m bi-polar/manic/rapid cyler i have been dealing with doctors and medication for 15 years. i don’t know the severity of your brother’s problem or what it is. all psych drugs are not anti psychotic. i am currently working my way out of a similar situation and one of my drugs is anti-psychotic. i am getting off it on my own. my doctor values my opinion and allows me leeway in choosing my drugs because i have tried so many over the years and i research everything i take. psychiatry is not an exact science. doctors know what drugs help certain problem provided they know what is going on with the patient. perhaps your brother is not communicating very well with his doctor. if your brother would consent to it any competent doctor would welcome a family members input during a visit. family support is, in my view, the most helpful tool in managing mental illness. good luck oddy erdy.

  5. Both the psychiatrists and the drugs have their place. My sister is schizophrenic, if it were not for the drugs I wouldn’t be able to care for her.

  6. I would have to say the do.. if you can find two of them that agree with each other… all you have to do is go into a courtroom when they have psychiatric evaluation involved in a case… will see how divergent their opinions really are. The latest information even suggests that adhd has been misdiagnosed all these years… when in actuallity, is it best diagnosed as bipolar… So would suggest there are some, somewhere who (allegedly)do actually know what they are doing. Still up for grabs.

  7. psychiatrists prescribe drugs. a therapist gives advice, counsels and uses methods of behavior in expressing a cure to the problem. my psychiatrist is also a therapist. i think all psychiatrist are therapist, but its worth looking at. maybe your brother needs therapy, from a therapist, and not psychiatry for a psychiatrist, but i could be ignorant. i think their still both the same, and im confusing you more…anyways. my opinion is that maybe another medication be made possible. too much sleeping can also be a sign of depression. my psychiatrist told me to go get some fish oil and let that work for me, and it did real well after about 8 weeks i started to notice that it took the edge off the depression. you could also move him into the basement. i feel less depressed when i am alone in the basement. maybe its some type of therapy.

  8. I am crying as I read your question…..God I feel so for you and your brother……get him to another doctor fast!!!! This past May, I was involuntarily hospitalized…..you see, psychiatrists are ONLY for prescribing meds…that’s all. I “fired” mine. He told me that (the little) 10 question test that I answered told HIM that I’m bi-polar…well, I might be….but the 3-4 different meds he prescribed….were messing me up worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stopped them (with other medical supervision) and feel 90% so much better…I still have my problems…yet I feel so grateful that I escaped that money-making phony!!!!!!
    PLEASE get your brother to another doctor….be it psychiatrist, Internist….to wean him off of what he’s been prescribed…very important for medical supervisions…..otherwise your brother will most have life threatening withdrawals.

  9. Here is my experience with the psych worlds prescripiton drug business. I was a total zombie on meds. In 2003/4, I started having panic attacks I was taking 1200 mg or seroquel, 10 mg of lexapro and 14 mg of klonopin a dayn the past 5 years, my insurance company has paid out over $65,000 for my psych meds, at one point . I was thrown in jail for 5 months and went cold turkey from all the meds. Crack heads in jail told me I should have died from withdrawl. When I walked out of jail, I said I would never take another psych med again and I haven’t. I no longer have panic atacks and I am able to function with a full time job and raising my daughter. The psych world is a business and are in it for making money. Most mental health professionals hand out these meds because drug companies give them free samples or it’s the newest “cure” on the market. Take control of your own life and quit relying on someone to fix it for you or the fucking magic pill, you are a guniea pig to the pharmaceutical companies. Thats my 2 cents, take it or leave it. I have also lost 50lbs since I stopped taking that crap

  10. My experience with psychiatrists is long and extensive. I believe that there are some excellent psychiatrists out there. The most important thing a good psychiatrist can do is really get to know his patient. Most good doctors in this specialized field know the special meds they need to help treat their patient. You can help your brother by being with him at the doctor’s appointments, so you can give good accurate details about how your brother is doing. I spent 3 years severely depressed, and then when I finally got on the right meds…I slowly came out of it. Just remember, you’re brother is extremely sick right now and he needs your support, love and understanding. He can get better.Tell him to hang in there!!!

  11. This might be a sign that your brother has already suffered terrible brain damage due to abuse of prescribed antipsychotic drugs for a long time.
    There exist no real tests for “chemical imbalance” so psychiatry is always experimental, psychiatrists are mostly doing guesswork all the time.
    Antipsychotics are really nothing more than chemical straight-jackets, your brother is therefore on chemical restraint, after 3 years, no wonder he sleeps all the time. This is what psychiatrists want. They want people to be extremely docile, have no feelings, no joy, no emotions. Psychiatric drugs, especially antipsychotics can lead to brain damage, tardive diskinesia, tardive dementia.

  12. Psychiatry will always be a dangerous profession. It combines two potentially explosive elements. The most subjective diagnoses, with the most powerful chemicals. This is why psychiatric experts should never be allowed in court.
    I knew a teen while hospitalized who exhibited symptoms of severe cocaine intoxication when given Haloperidol. Many true psychotics are never violent before being medicated. We know very little about the brain and the establishment tells us that natural psychoactives are bad, but poorly targeted large molecule pharmaceuticals are modern day miracles.
    I was on the most powerful antipsychotics available from 1992-97. In 1993, I was diagnosed with a non-specified developmental disorder, this was basically buried in my record. They continued to treat psychotic episodes caused by Fluoxetine, with more antipsychotics. An expert would attribute this to many innocuous reasons, but I know the problem is systemic. It is far more profitable to be diagnosed with a condition that has a known pharmaceutical treatment. I finally have a great psychiatrist, and even he was concerned after a full differential diagnosis, that my condition has no chemical treatment.
    I now know that after being labeled Bi-Polar for over decade that my true problem is Asperger’s disorder.
    Anyone interested in learning about more first hand accounts of lives permanently damaged or ended by antipsychotics and psychotropics in general is welcome to contact me.

  13. The antipsychotics that are available today do treat psychosis but have severe side effects ncluding tardive dyskinesia and diabetes. As a person who has advanced tardive dystonia (and am under clinical study for tardive psychosis, tardive dysphrenia and tardive dysmentia) to the point where I am homebound but been have been documented as having made a full recovery with glycine, an NMDA recpetor modulate, a new generation of antipsychotics in Phase 2 FDA study, the NMDA receptor modulates that will not cause tardive dyskinesia or diabetes and promote a fuller recovery I am advocating for these treatments to be further researched and approved . Glycine is available but should only be taken under psychiatric supervision like any other medication.


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