• ITS TRUE!!! ask any1 thats worked in a hospitl….. ppl ALWAYS no when there bout to die….. if some1 says there bout to die u can b sure theyll b dead b4 the end of the day…. an wats real wierd is usualy they seem to improve jus b4 they die…. the doctors an nurses think there getting stronger…. then poof!!! there gone!!!

    oh…. an this seems to b a gift evry1s got…. not jus physcics…

  • Lots of people have had premonitions about their deaths. I sensed that my grandson was going to die one week before he was killed in an auto accident.

  • No matter what spiritual ability a person has…it doesn’t mean that they know EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.!! They might know SOME things…but not EVERYTHING. Once in awhile someone might have a premonition of their death…but even then..it might be something they can change. There are people who have no psychic etc. abilities who have a “feeling” that they’re going to die. I’m AGAINST predictions , premonitions , prophecies. I think they just make people paranoid etc. The only thing I want a prediction about is the weather.

  • I doubt it but I don’t think any scientific studies have been done on that particular area of psychic functioning.
    It would have to be a long (longitudinal) study and those are often difficult to fund and carry through (in this case families or close friends would have to know and finish the experiment. Still interesting thought. Star to you.


  • I don’t think clairvoyants can sense or see their deaths in advance. Due to the onset of debilitating diseases some people who don’t claim to be clairvoyant know when they’re going to die.

  • No one knows the answer to this question. From the day you are born you are given a life, your termination date is also calculated and you cannot change it. No body can predict (unless you are God) when yo you will expire – just as well, it keeps us all on our toes.

  • A true clairvoyant can see the spirit forms of those who have gone before them. It is not usual for those spirit persons to give such information, but if the time of passing is very close, a person with the gift of clairvoyance (clear vision) may be able to pick up thoughts of love and encouragement which would tell them it is imminent and so help them over to the other side.

  • Dude. Get real. Clairbvoyants are very unpredictable. Humans can see in the future, it is technically impossible. Pfhh…

  • it’s possible. some people say that they can predict the future, and some people believe them. i’m not saying that i do believe them, but im not saying that i dont.

  • Precognitive is what you’re thinking of. That lets you know what’s going to happen. Clairvoyance lets you see things far away.

    Everyone knows that they’re going to die, would you get a premonition of when? Probably some.

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