Do you think people can speek with telepathy ?

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Or is it a powerfull delusion. Maybe its demons tricking people enslaved to this new world order. Whoops i forgot its a secret.So sorry

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Sure, if Star-Trek is true.




I belive they do just like cats we speak thrugh the eyes. U could tell when someone is pissed or when someone is happy just by looking at them.

Inspector Free Thinker

speak, no – communicate feelings, yes

Kelly V

yes I think people are able to do this


Bet you can hear what I’M THINKING OF YOUR QUESTION.

Mr. NoneofYourbusiness

Powerful delusion? You have no idea the depths to which humans are capable of deluding themselves.


I use subliminal messages.
today’s subliminal message is:…………………..


I think it is natural phenomenon that is an invasion of privacy too poor for articulate use and a rude crude insult . learn to talk vis a vis not behind the back .you can call it demonic but I think it”s retarded ….
peace out



Old brain 1 (Ob1)

Speak sure but hearing them takes talent.
I find it easier to believe in telepathy than a conspiracy of demons


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