Do you think our physical self is a direct reflection of our subconscious mind?

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As in… what our mind is programmed to see/know/recognize as the physical self (ex: the person we see when we look in the mirror) is a direct reflection of the ‘software’ and/or ‘operating system’ of the subconscious mind?
I am sorry if this is confusing. It is hard to put my question into words.

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sigmund freud touched on this subject. I would recommend looking up his views on the subconscious and how our lives interact with it and vise versa.

Mister Answerman

I agree.
Edit – I’m not sure if we are on the same track so I’ll explain a bit more.
It depends whether your Mind identifies your body as the encasing of itself or whether it refers to the physical body as part of itself, or both.
At times, I feel that the physical body is just an encasing and it is processing information quite oblivious to what is happening outside. Other times I feel that the body is an extension of the mind and reacts to emotions and feelings happening within the mind.
For example – if someone suffers emotionally from some sort of event or situation then the body tends to react also by becoming lethargic or incapacitated in some way
On the other hand, if the same situation occurs, though the body is capable of being active, the mind cannot cope with the given event and tends to shut down or cause problems to parts of its encasing, giving the feeling of being lethargic but not necessarily so. A word of support could perk up the recipient quite smartly.
I am sorry if this is confusing. It is hard to put my Answer into words.


Acaully itss not confusing at all. Sometimes i stare in the Mirror and say “What if what im seeing isnt what others see” “What if in not this person im someone else” i end up getting angry but…i dont quite know if its true or not. Hopefully it is or isnt. Because i also stare at the rug and im like What if humans are the only life form that can see these colors, or what if someone else saw this color diffrently than i do or something like that…
It might be that people like u [or/and me] think diffrently than other people we see the world in a diffrent view rather than the subconsiounse of our mind.

Son of a Drunken Pirate

I think by a certain age,
people in general are basically pre-programmed to see what they want to see,
and to hear whatever it is they want to hear.
Even though the reality of it all is clear and obvious..

Rob P

Do not think, LIVE and LOVE. The “physical self”, the “subconscious mind”. We are always dissecting, always seeking to understand.
Simply BE and all the mysteries dissolve. We are the creators so if you so choose, this answer can easily be answered ‘yes’ but also equally answered ‘no’. Thus it matters not because this proves that only perception rules, not Truth.
Learn to see beyond perception. Learn to let go of thinking because this leads to measurement, judgment and separation. Simply BE.


First of all: There is one hell of lot of wiring that connect the two entities !
Secondly, each of us differs at least a little in respect to this
Thirdly, the connections between these entities varies depending on the circumstances/environment.
somewhere along the line the emotions come into play and their effect can be widely varying from person to person (enough to keep Psychiatrists busy for a long,long, long time !).


Yes it is hard to put that concept in words. I hope I have not misunderstood and that you might find this useful.
“Suppose, for instance, we compare the Logos itself to the sun. Suppose I take a clear mirror in my hand, catch a reflection of the sun, make the rays reflect from the surface of the mirror — say upon a polished metallic plate — and make the rays which are reflected in their turn from the plate fall upon a wall. Now we have three images, one being clearer than the other, and one being more resplendent than the other. I can compare the clear mirror to karana sarira, the metallic plate to the astral body, and the wall to the physical body. In each case a definite bimbam is formed, and that bimbam or reflected image is for the time being considered as the self. The bimbam formed on the astral body gives rise to the idea of self in it when considered apart from the physical body; the bimbam formed in the karana sarira gives rise to the most prominent form of individuality that man possesses. You will further see that these various bimbams are not of the same lustre. The lustre of this bimbam you may compare to man’s knowledge, and it grows feebler and feebler as the reflection is transferred from a clear upadhi to one less clear, and so on till you get to the physical body. Our knowledge depends mainly on the condition of the upadhi, and you will also observe that just as the image of the sun on a clear surface of water may be disturbed and rendered invisible by the motion of the water itself, so by a man’s passions and emotions he may render the image of his true self disturbed and distorted in its appearance, and even make the image so indistinct as to be altogether unable to perceive its light.”


What we see, know, or recognize does reflect on our subconscious, and hence the beauty of; what you say is a testimony of what is in you.

General D. Ypsilanti

Yes, I do. As we learn to love ourselves, the minds projection becomes
calm and in alignment with the perfect being the creator created. Our
Creator didn’t make anything less than perfect, but most of us do not
recognize our perfections. That body we see in the mirror is our
out picturing. We do need to try to understand that any imperfections
it has are the result of our dislike for it. We have the opportunity to
change our thinking here and now. We are not stuck in bad karma.
Many answers I have seen here on R/S suggest ” change your thinking
and change your life.”

who is #1?

Hold on, got a mouth full of twinkies…..
What were you saying?
No, my subconscious has no effect on appearance, that’s ridiculous.
But seriously, I think you are homing in on a Truth but I would not lay it at the feet of the subconscious but rather on the ‘spirit’, ‘soul’, the essence of who that person is, the identity they came into this world with. You’ve noticed that babies come preloaded with personality. It is that around which the flesh forms.

Thimmappa M.S.

Usually, the physical self reflects only those portion of the subconscious that are accepted/permitted by the self and society, and that is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’. The vast majority of the subconscious material lie dormant without entering/integrated into our consciousness/physical self for fear of rebuke/ridicule as they are forbidden by the given culture in which one grows up.


The bible says that as a man thinks so he is. I do think that my physical self is a direct reflection of my subconscious mind after we put away those caused by illness. Disease can altar us. Then you have to look at Steven Hawkings and his physical condition compared with his mind. There is a powerful subconsicous living in that little body.



Maeve Dragon

No, this I do not think. If I look in the mirror, I see in my face my facial play. She expresses somewhat of him what I am. But my soul is not that what one can see from the outside.
Please, excuses that I write so wrongly in English

Pedro P

More than 90% of you is your subcounscious mind.


Wow! No BS….i have been mulling this around my mind for the last few weeks-mabye months. I have been doing much reflection on this and waiting until i reach a higher mind but for some reason nothing has come to me. Sorry i got no answer but i just wanted to say hello and ask that if you do come to a realization on this that you share it with the class.
Edit: When taking into account the hermetic – As above, So below – I would have to say that yes. Yes our outer shell is a result of an inner process.

Nathan M-b

Short answer is yes. But why do you want to know? Generally these questions come from people wanting to know who they are, why they’re here and how they can take control of their lives. If that’s your intention, you can skip quite a few steps by getting to the much meatier questions. Those are the questions that come with answers applicable to your life.

like to live in created paradise

no its not like this ……………….our sub conscious has nothing to do vd our physical appearence


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