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Do you think Occult practices can transform your reality into a more desirable one?

The Occult is suppose to be the science and art of causing change in conformance with the will, for a long time Christians killed occultists as witches, they were scared of their powers, do you think there something more to it than wish full thinking or do think there might be some truth in the occult?
Have you ever tried using some occult methods?


  1. On the contrary; the occult will lead you under the bondage of a deceitful manipulative spirit who will entice you with fleshly desires and bring you under the curse of Almighty God.
    I have no doubt there is power in the occult; but it comes through the Kingdom Satan.
    There are only two sources of supernatural power – the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan.
    I belong to the Kingdom of God.

  2. I have my own way of living my life, so I do not need any of the whacked out practices of some occult or any religion for that matter. In answer to your question my answer is no!

  3. There is no proof of the effectiveness of occult powers but it has paths that you can follow which will help you through life. The same as many other religions and spiritual paths.

  4. Independence
    Definition: A condition in which a person is not, or claims not to be, dependent on others, not subject to their direction or influence. Being endowed with free will, humans have a natural desire for a measure of independence. Carried too far, however, this desire gives rise to disobedience, even rebellion.

  5. they don’t have powers just like religious people don’t have powers just like anyone has no powers.
    Using your consciousness isn’t a power if everyone can do it.
    Will power is something anyone and everyone is capable of using.
    You think someone is special because they can do something anyone can do.
    Because they were on TV or won a metal or believe in something?
    That would mean your just extra- ordinary.
    You are what you believe because there isn’t anything you could actually know in this existence except universal laws that are unchanging.
    so do you believe this or not really makes no difference because its all in your head.

  6. Occultists think alot differently to the average. Back in the days of Witch Hunts, Occultists ways of thinking would be decades and decades ahead of the Hunters and other mass populations. Now, the intelligence gap isn’t so great – but i believe a few Occultists still hold that little extra something that helps them in general practices.

  7. No, I don’t.
    And the witch-killing thing with Christians and other religions is purely and simply a matter of getting rid of competition. They saw an alternative version of the wishful thinking that marks the “occult,” “religious,” or “spiritual” approach as a danger to their version.


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