do you think occult or astrology can change your luck?





me being a astrologer that i can change luck of people if provided correct date of birth


  1. Change your luck? Not sure. I do think that having an understanding of astrology can help to guide you down a more appropriate path.
    I believe there is some truth to astrology because of gravity. The force of gravity pulls on mass. If we know that the gravity of the sun and the moon effects the earth, then it stand to reason that this same force would effect everything on earth. We see this clearly in the effects the moon’s gravitational pull has on the tides. Thus it seems reasonable to suggest that the gravitational pull of the sun would effect humans, which are mostly water.
    Since the effect of gravity is infinite, it also stands to reason that gravity from all the planets would have an effect on things on earth. Since the position of the planets is generally repetitive over time, it makes sense to me that there would be consistent generalities about events and people who were introduced to fields of gravity at specific times.
    This is without even considering the effects of magnetic fields.
    Scientist generally scoff at astrology, but if we look at what astrology, is, i.e. the study of the position of the planets and considering what we KNOW today, that all matter projects fields, then astrology is really the study of the effects of gravitational and magnetic fields on matter relative to its position in those fields.
    I amazed that those who study astrophysics do not at least appreciate this as a valid argument. Before we, as a people, understand the effects of the moon on earth’s tides, we still noticed the pattern, i.e. when the moon was in a certain position, certain things happened. Even A leads to Event B because of X. We simply did not know what X was. Again,ancient astrologists were studying fields, they just didn’t know it at the time.

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