Do you think Obama should have included more alternative medicine and energy healing in the healthcare bill?

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The Health care bill wages war on alternative medicine. Even a casual look at the fine details shows a clear desire to steer people away from chiropractic, acupuncture, supplementation, and energy medicine, and spiritual therapy and help/care. Any thinking person should be OUTRAGED since WESTERN corporate drug company and government controlled medicine is best when mixed with spiritual healing and treatment.

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Ive been skeptical about homeopathy since day 1.

Suspend Log

Yea.. You let me know when herbs and spices will control my blood sugar..


I personally believe that some alternative therapies can be beneficial. I have Fibromyalgia and there’s no conventional treatment for it.
However, the benefits of alternative medicine haven’t been proven. Nobody would want a public helathcare service to spend even more money on something most people don’t believe works.


Why should you need to fund spiritual healing if it’s real?


I think until such time these alternatives provide real data and research backing their claims they should be alternatives that we don’t all foot the bills for and those that find them useful pay for themselves. Such treatments are generally about patient psychology and subjective, short term relief of complaints. Such treatments or placebos also have a down side when underlying conditions are as a result not diagnosed or treated more effectively. They are also money making scams for many.


Why are you venting this outrage here when all of the alternative medicine websites I visited in the last ten minutes suggest aromatherapy for anger?
The treatment doesn’t work if you don’t do it!
Edit: On a side note, scented oils are expensive.


“The Health care bill wages war on alternative medicine. ”
Good. “Alternative” medicine is medicine that doesn’t work/hasn’t been proved effective. I want more bang for my buck than magic water.


No. If “alternative” medicine really worked, it wouldn’t be called “alternative”.


The politicians…who mind you are all corporate fat cats before public servants…will do away with all forms of healing that do not directly profit them. We need to be archiving data and hiding it in remote locations so that it can be found in thousands of years after all forms of alternative healing have been outlawed by the government.
This is a lot bigger an issue then most people understand.
John McCain is waging war against supplements right now. Once the FDA gets involved in determining what herbs/supplements can be sold expect the potency, efficacy, and access to supplement/herbs to dwindle down. Disinformation campaigns have and will be waged…..
i would like to ask mr sparky and ratz above if he/they ever been treated by alternative doctors/homeopaths.
i would like to ask him if he ever sat in the hospital for 6 days being pumped full of pain killers so much that his vein in his arm collapsed….has he ever witnessed how the doctors have attractive lady assistants come into the hospital and try to sell surgeries and epidurals to patients in pain and under the influence of hard core opiates….
And then has he ever left that hospital in a paralyzed state in a daze from painkillers and steroids….been carried into his homeopath…and 10 minutes later stand up…bend down and touch his toes….and after 2 more treatments been virtually pain free even though his disc in his spine ruptured and he was told by “traditional” doctors he needed surgery or else he would not be able to walk…??
well thats my story and anyone against alternative medicine i guarantee has no personal experience with it. they are brainwashed and their ego makes them have immature judgments against things they do not understand.


God saves Obama’s soul . Let him live longer and longer but if you are serious to discuss about alternative medicine you can come here and post your comments in the alternative healing section.
Wish you luck man.


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