Do you think my boyfriend will like this for chiristmas?

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I got a gift box for him. I am putting in a kama sutra/ tantra book, roleplaying dice, flavored massage lotion, and 4 bars of exotic chocolate. What do you guys think. Should I add a bottle of cologne? Any suggestions on what kind?

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Cologne no, just because it doesn’t go with the theme. I think it sounds like a great gift 🙂 And a great idea.
But if you decide to get him cologne, I’m a big fan of Swiss Army.


I know he’ll like it as is. Don’t add cologne, just have whipped cream nearby when he opens it.


he will like all except cologne


well if you guys are into all that sexual stuff than yeah chances are he’ll like it =)


Sounds like all you need to add is……..YOU!!!

crazy person

its sounds good. put a picture of you naked or something in there, then he will be turned on.


Sounds great maybe add a man thong.


It all sounds like a great gift, just loose the cologne and substitute a photo of myself.


That gift is more then good. Its great.


Yes, add a bottle of nice cologne. Nautica is a good choice. He’ll like it!!


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