Do you think most people today are Clinically depressed OR in Spiritual Crisis?

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The News reports the drug most prescribed in the USA are Anti-Depressants..
Things in life seem to be going along quite smoothly.
Then, unexpectedly…
The individual has a serious life crisis such as career failure,
divorce, a health problem, a serious addiction, financial
collapse, a near death experience, etc.or any combination of such events
At some point the crisis and anguish becomes so intense
she or he drops to the floor and, in a climactic act of desperation, cries out
God, help me!
Sometimes a Glass of red wine reading scripture and finding true love is key to anything that might ail ya…

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Pagan's Wager

The news has stated that 20% of Americans are misdiagnosed with depression. Those number vary with the study that you are reading, but yes many times it is.
In the basic course of genereal psych you can learn that most people get depressed. There a million reasons why. Failing grade, loss of a loved one, lost job, etc. MOST GENERAL cases, if left alone medically and dealt with in healthy ways, go away on thier own. BUT, but but, please please please don’t ever make that call on your own! Depression can be debiliating to your mind and your health. It’s CHEMICAL. It’s no one’s FAULT. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Don’t expect the Bible to fix it. YES faith can be used as a strong incentive tool to help with any life crisis.
The standard answer is if you have unshakable sadness for more then two weeks you should see someone. That doesnt’ mean you should accept the first dx that comes along and pop pills to make it all better. But it does mean that you have something going on that you might need help with.
Mental health can be complicated. It makes me furious that people make others feel guilty for asking for help. The Bible can’t always solve it any more then it can make the damn flu go away. It can help you cope, but it can’t FIX it.
That just freaking scares me.

Satin sheets

Oh, whatever. There is evidence that chemical imbalances occur causing clinical depression, it’s not spiritual.


Yes crisis of faith, depression, everybody seems to have this problem…

donald a

spiritual crisis would be my answer because – the devil is alive and well and doing all he can to keep people down and way from God.


The world isn’t all doom and gloom. Everyone on this bloody thing is an emo


so more people are diagnosed with depression now and seek help..that doesnt mean more people are depressed


So which are you suggesting? The wine, the scripture, or “true love?” You can’t depend on all three,and two of them will leave you a complete mess.

old school


Adam T

More people are turning to medication than to god to help with depression.
More proof that religion is just a drug (the opiate of the masses).
Thing is…. medication works better.


Antidepressants are over-prescribed in our society. It is a testament to the power of the drug lobby and their ability to convince people that they are not to feel anything outside of a narrow band of “normal” that has been defined by corporate profitability. It is the capitalist way of creating an army of zombie clones for their workforce.

Today's Prophet

eliminate religion from Your Life – end the stress and depression and do this (it will Save Your Live):
Have UnConditional Love and Peace by accomplishing this:
Create Your Relationship with Our Creator.


Spiritual crisis, I’d bet. Or a tendency to hide pain in drugs instead of in G-d.
Some have called religion the opiate of the people. Well, don’t the people need some drugs at times?


Wine and scripture reminds me of Sufism.
Look up Omar Khayyam who wrote Rubiyat, also Rumi.
God has given us a dark wine so potent that,
drinking it, we leave the two worlds.
God has put into the form of hashish a power
to deliver the taster from self-consciousness.
God has made sleep so
that it erases every thought.
God made Majnun love Layla so much that
just her dog would cause confusion in him.
There are thousands of wines
that can take over our minds.
In today’s world many look for a quick fix. Many look for fulfillment and happiness outside of us. When we exhaust ourselves with collecting physical riches those cannot fill the gaping hole of emptiness. We go to great lengths to patch the hole alcohol, drugs, suicide, depression, etc… we will do anything but face our self.
Yes, science has told us that our brain is all bunch of chemicals but we are the alchemists of our own bodies. We pull the strings. When you felt bad have you ever done tried to make yourself feel better? If you ask around, everyone of us probably will have a different answer. This points to the idea that it’s you who makes yourself feel better. Glass of red wine and a scripture is your solution for me a pint of ice cream is equally powerful. For some people anti-depressants are the answer because they BELIEVE it will help them. Everyone of us has a different path, we can share our experiences but no one can walk your path for you. Life is a very personal experience, we’re capable of writing our own prescriptions.
Answer to your question:
Whichever we choose to label ourselves with, sometimes we let the society choose for us.


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