Do you think meditation should be practiced in schools?






Like from kindergarten to 12th grade.
That about 15 minutes should be set in the school day to meditate.
It helps children calm down. And think more.It might not work at first but eventually it could.And as children grow older much more responsibilities are put upon them.So taking time in the school day to just clear their mind would relieve them of stress and tension.


  1. No.
    We must not leave kids alone with their thoughts.
    Or take a chance they might think for themselves.
    We must bombard them every minute and brainwash them with the ideology du jour.
    We have to program them to our own thinking and not let them develop in ways that might not align with our political agendas.
    I’m being facetious of course.
    Quite the opposite.
    Yes, kids should be allowed to chill out. Quiet time. Call it “Planning your day / Day Planning Time” which is legitimate time management practice…. if “Meditation” is too threatening to those who would brainwash them.

  2. sure, why not take some more space from the curriculum time to slot this in, along with drug ed, sex ed, social skills, hygiene, etc.

  3. No. Meditation is basically just prayer in disguise, and we don’t teach religions in school. Having a time-out is the best you’re going to get an accomplishes the same goal.

  4. WOW! Meditation is CERTAINLY not prayer in disguise. Please be at least somewhat informed on what meditation is before you answer so ignorantly.
    Meditation is an excellent practice to learn self-control, self-awareness and direction of thought. It absolutely should be taught in schools, as well as more time in the private sector. Please try it before you bash it.

  5. They don’t have the time.They are to busy preparing and studying for all those state mandated tests.Grade schools don’t hardly have time for recess and have to be hurried through lunch.

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