Do you think Marijuana is good for meditation?

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I want to start meditating, because… I hear it helps a lot. Are there any meditaters that smoke marijuana?

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Yes sir most religions like Buddhist temples and stuff just having it burning throughout as incense


yes I did that many times and it helps. So other good alternatives is meditating outside in the mourning or in a bathtub.

Chris P

no is not… Marijuana is not good for anything…


It’s a cheaters’ way to start meditating. While there are professionals who do it in India, for them it’s part of their way of life. For somebody who is just starting to meditate you have no reason to smoke the Mary Jane. Unless you just want to get high, in which case you’re wasting your time pretending to meditate.


I’ve met a ton of people who are into yoga and buddhism and also buddhist masters and yoga masters and absolutely none of them recommend marijuana for meditation

Dorian V

One thing that marijuana does is allow time to feel slower, giving you more time to think. Although I use it for medicinal purposes, I can’t help but keep a pad and pencil with me to write down any thoughts and/or ideas i have.
I find it very relaxing and entertaining when I sober up. You’ll be surprised at the things you come up with when high on pot.


It helps you concentrate and I would recommend it.




haha fosure, Marijuana is never bad.

I myself am one of those “meditation newbies” (crystal meditation for over 2 months now) that likes to use marijuana before meditating. Personally I see nothing wrong with it. I’ve had amazing experiences (not hallucinations) and even a healing in my spinal cord that used to have a side-ways curve. I also feel the energy from stones and crystals much more accurately when I’m “stoned” (interesting connection there lol). The way I see it, with the electromagnetic waves from every angle and so many countless factors to hinder us from relaxing and entering meditative state (fluoride creates build ups on your pineal gland etc.), marijuana is an excellent tool to combat those hindrances so you can actually focus.
I’m not saying everyone should use weed, but it definitely works for me and I’ve gotten significant and even tangible results from it. So please don’t disregard it as “cheating” or “fake”. It really does help and it’s very effective. Of course I don’t think I should be dependant on weed for meditation, but when you live in a busy area and have so many things to be stressed out about it’s nice to have a toke and actually be able to relax your mind for a moment.


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