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Do you think many of the teachings of Jesus were taken from the Buddha?

Well the Buddha goes further with wisdom.
I often wonder if they used some of the Buddhas principles for the Jesus character.


  1. It seems Christianity is a bit of this and a bit of that. Most probably it has been taken from the Buddha, stolen more like.

  2. no , there is nothing special about his teachings , they are common logic , especially for people who want to avoid any conflict (pacifists), any person can make such teachings .
    @anna , during the time of Jesus , buddhism didn’t exist in China , it was only in India , it spread to china only in the 6th century.
    and the land in which jesus lived was called Palestine , and it is still Palestine , certainly not ‘israel’ .

  3. No. Buddhism does not actively embrace war and persecution against rationalism the way Xianity does.

  4. most probally. A lot of what jesus said is just common sense, well most of it. tbh im not all too religious so im not sure but i think him and buddha were probally on the same mind track.

  5. No I don’t think so.
    And the person that said Jesus is a plagiarism. Well the whole of the Bible points to Jesus. And the parts of this book have been passed down since the Garden of Eden where God first gave a picture of Jesus to Adam and Eve when they fell.
    I suggest that person do their home work before someone notices sillibillinesses.

  6. No honey, being as how Jesus lived in Israel. I doubt Israel had many dealings with China; in fact I bet a lot of people in Israel didn’t even know China was there. You gotta remember–no Internet, TV or even radio in those days. Communications were a lot slower and China was isolated from the rest of the world by its own volition.

  7. there are occasions when all religious doctrum meet, as the systems are all trying to get to the same place..’horses for courses’ basically…some ideas are easier to digest than others, but the destinations are the same, books on philosophy can have religious overtones, ….the ‘I Ching’ is a Chinese book that has been around for a very long time. It has elements of Christian belief, Buddha, Tao, and other elements of esoteric wisdom, it has been around at least as long as the Bible and The Buddhist scripts, if not longer, so maybe the teachings of Jesus were taken from the ‘Book of Changes’ (I Ching)..who knows?

  8. The New Testamente clearly says that Christ was descended through
    three times 14 generations from Abraham down to King David in the Old Testament. He has therefore been known by Christianity to have been Jewish. In fact when they left Jerusalem they had to return to find him sitting discussing the law with the rabbis, and he said to them “where did you expect me to be but in my father’s house” Therefore Christianity is a continuation of the Old testament with much of the teachings in common. e.g.” Do unto others as you would expect them to do unto you”. said by Hillel to a Romanwho asked him to explain the essence of Jewdaism to him

  9. Not only the Buddha,but also from the other Indian religions,along with a little bit of Egyptian religion and the other gods of the middle east and Asia.


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