Do You Think London Will Elect A Pensioner As Mayor In 2012?

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Apparently Ken Livingstone is planning on standing for Mayor of London again 2012. The freak just cannae let it go. I mean he must 80 or something now as it is. Do you reckon he’s in with a shout of getting back in to City Hall in 2012, and should they start stocking up on incontinence pads now in case he does?

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Mahlet W

who give a dam


Boris is not that old ..


who do you think you are?what has a persons age got to do with anything?if older people were to criticise the young they would be said to be judging all young people on a few so too with the older generation there are good and bad.
I hope you remember your pathetic ageism comments when you look back on you life at some time in the future.


As above, who cares. Theres a whole universe outside the scar on the world called London, and as far as I’m concerned you all deserve Red Ken.


Let’s hope not.! Look at the mess that City’s in now. Violence and heading for economic disaster,etc Enough to scare the tourists to France.! People like Livingstone are an embarrassment to London and the uk.!


Ken Livingston is not that old & what would be wrong in voting for a pensioner.They will be a lot wiser.

Sunny Day

Lets hope the weasle never gets back.


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