Home Discussion Forum Do you think less complex, conscious beings envy our more complex consciousness?

Do you think less complex, conscious beings envy our more complex consciousness?

…assuming that a lower conscious being could somehow interpret and express that envy?
Like, would you say–metaphysically and hypothetically speaking–when you walk through a forest, do you think the trees or other inhabitants of the forest such birds and other animals would envy us if possible?
And in this sense, would we envy a half-man/half-machine capable of accomplishing more than normal beings could? Are we justified in feeling envy toward a computer/robot developed by scientists able to ‘do more’ than normal people can?


  1. No, but they probably fear us.
    But as for your hypothetical, they wouldn’t envy us if they knew a lot about society and of all the problems we create. We are the ONLY species who because of this so called higher consciousness commits several various acts. Murder for any other reason other than food desire. Suicide, the killing of one’s own self. Rape, the forced sex for the sake of domination. Seek money and stuff as our goal in life, instead of being comfortable with what you have. Use technology to the extent we are weakened mentally and physically by it (i.e destruction of manual labor, most math and analysis done by computers.) Greed to the point of your species destruction (i.e berney madoff).
    Humanity is nothing to be jealous of, more so to pity. I mean we are self-destructive in nature. We may accomplish more than normal beings, but we are never content no matter how far we go.
    Edit: To wraxtiorre, you mentioned rape, which I will take off my list. but what about the greed, the incessant desire, the murder over beliefs that are supposedly the result of our enlightenment. The thing with Sea Turtles isn’t that bad and was not even mentioned on my list. And I do realize many creatures do kill each other during sex, but that is more-so the result of an instinct to provide for the babies, and NOT something they do out of spite.
    The thing with shrikes is also covered by my list. They may kill to attact smaller birds, but that is all for the sake of hunting.
    My original answer stands until I have a rebuttal.

  2. Sorry, Alex R, but all the reprehensible things that we do are in fact mirrored in the animal and/or insect kingdom.
    1. Lions rape lionesses in order to humiliate a fellow male into submission.
    2. Female Praying Mantises behead their mates during sex and eat most of their children.
    3. Most ants dismember opposing ant drones during battles because it disables them faster than killing them would.
    4. Anteaters destroy termite hives in order to eat its inhabitants.
    5. Certain beetles rape their mates through the back, killing them while impregnating them so that the mother can become the first meal for her children.
    6. Shrikes will kill small rodents and impale them on fence-posts to attract weaker birds into scavenging and then kill them while they are feeding.
    7. Sea Turtles bury their eggs in the sand on beaches and then go back to sea before their children hatch.
    Nope, I don’t think lesser beings envy us. I think they pity us for our refusal to embrace the powerful urges that we inherently possess as members of the animal kingdom.
    Now, for the second part of the question: Again, Nope! I think that we would equally pity the hybrid cyborg for its inability to perceive the human traits it inherently possesses but cannot feel due to its component architecture.

  3. In my opinion lesser beings would believe and think whatever we told them as long as we held there trust. If we mistreated them and lost their trust they would hit out in ways which may include envy and the whole range of any negative emotions they may be capable of . I think it would be the same with us humans and a more intelligent race, as long as they treated us well and we got what we wanted or at least got what we believed we wanted then we would hold a positive attitude towards our betters and natural overlords by the law of nature.
    Personally I believe that we will soon be able to adapt and advance our own human brains as much as we can advance any independent computer system through chips in our heads and wireless devices connected to bigger hard drives so if we did develop artificial intelligence smarter than us we could soon catch up. The first people would do it to explore but once its deemed safe and superior I’m sure envy would drive the average person to upgrade themselves too.
    I guess the point of us evolving with a socially harmful emotion like envy is so we naturally push ourselves further to better our chances of survival in harsh environments. I would not be surprised if a lot of lesser life-forms felt envy too, I have seen my dogs behave enviously in different situations so its not just humans.
    To step back a bit; the way I see it is as technology and progress evolves it funnels to a point of similarity. If every race in the universe including any artificially created race kept progressing then we would all arrive at the same end, having exhausted every possible physical option in this universe and having chosen the more efficient options over millions of years. Envy will become effectively redundant at the point of that journey when each race becomes highly sociable and reaches a point where it does not need envy to survive. Of course each individual of each race would have to have an educated understanding of his/her full control over their emotions before they can choose to just be envious or to control their envy and choose a smarter option instead. The same would go for lesser lifeforms if they are not educated about control over emotion, which the only means of is through language and shared knowledge, then every time they think they are mistreated they will behave with the inspiration of envy and/or other negative emotions.


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