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Do you think Jesus could be a myth about a traveling medicine man?

The shaman, the drug man combined with solar mythology… persecuted for being the most high… The shamans can fly, go to the bottom of the sea, into outer space, underground all inside their heads… doesn’t this seem more likely than the childish christian explanations… isn’t the holy spirit most likely a hallucinogenic drug that they were putting in their bodies/temples to take them to this place they called “heaven” or “nirvana” “avalon” etc. etc. Do Christians realize that all the ancient religions originated from shamanism, animism, and astrology?
Marilyn, Dionysus stole the sacred psychedelic fire from Zeus and hid it in his narthex (narcotics container) and gave it to Maiden and Youth (adam and eve.) The infamous Apples Of Apollo hehe… the greek God of medicine…


  1. “Do Christians realize that all the ancient religions originated from shamanism, animism, and astrology?”
    i would sharply disagree with that.
    i doubt a traveling medicine man would be able to turn the world upside down.

  2. I’m reading “Jesus the Magician” by Morton Smith right now, so I am inclined to agree with you in a sense.

  3. Do you think Jesus could be a myth about a traveling medicine man?
    –He’s not qualified to earn the title of ‘medicine man.’*
    Do Christians realize that all the ancient religions originated
    from shamanism, animism, and astrology?
    –I’m sure very few of them hold that realization. Most complain about those practices being ‘against God’s will’ or on the flip side ‘should be taught in schools’ like creationism. Christianity manipulated ‘astrology’ as it’s advanced through the centuries.

  4. I’ve considered that one….he had to do something big to have ppl tell embellished stories about him from generation to generation

  5. You need to spend your time becoming more educated. Your understanding of the Bible is akin to a blind man describing colour to an audience. Have you ever considered that your “shaman” rant is a perverse deduction of pure speculation?

  6. Actually Christianity, which derives from Judaism, Juadism being the oldest religion. All other religious doctrines derive from Judaism. Judaism is the only religion in which it offers a Personal relationship with God, and it is the only religion that goes back to the creation of the earth using genealogies. And for your info, shamanism was a MesoAmerican and Native American practice, which never was practiced in India, Israel, China, the Fertile Crescent, Egypt or other places where certain religions began. Astrology never is mentioned in Christian manuscripts, neither is shamanism or animism. Please get your facts straight, what your saying is very inflamm.ortary and false

  7. No because the evidence is overwhelming! For starters there is an empty tomb, and nobody has produced the body of Jesus. There is much credible eye-witness account of Jesus and His miracles. His early follower where willing to die for Him because of His Resurrection from the dead and the future promise of resurrection for them. Christianity does not even come close to the examples you sited. Read a Bible and you will see dramatic differences from the mythologies.

  8. Jesus was a Jewish peasant who was given extreme privilege as a young child, mostly by accident, and learned the teachings of Judaism. Later, he became a constructor, but through the anti-Semitism of the Roman regime stood up and pronounced his faith to God and God alone, not the Emperor. He collected many followers and led them in holy protests across the areas around Jerusalem. This later led to his execution order, which was faked, or he survived, and gathered even more followers to his belief. This started Christianity – the following of Christ. He was not a drug man, but a much more successful Joe the Plumber.

  9. I don’t think Jesus ever existed.
    I think the ‘Holy Spirit’ is a mental and emotional experience. I don’t think you need to take drugs to have it, although it sure does help 😀
    And the reasons Christians don’t realise that religion originally came from practical experience(Shamanism) is because they think it was “given to us by God” and they think Shamanism is “the work of the Devil”. It’s not an either/or system. Their perception of the division between God and Satan is too large for it to be.

  10. Though there are similarities between many religions and spiritualistic practices to say that one was derived from others is speculation.
    Yes it is true that those three practices predate organized religions including Christianity but that by no means they are the source of these religions.
    That would be like saying ” I had this idea before you did so you must have stolen it from me.”
    Similarities aren’t evidences that the religions were plagiarized or sampled in some way, it could just be a coincidence or formality.
    Astrology, animalism and shamanism all originated in the Neolithic and Paleolithic periods just like sun worship, were they derived from each other?
    Not to mention the existence of the historical figure Jesus Christ has been widely accepted.
    Though his divinity is debated among theologians, historians, genealogist, anthropologist,and archeologist they have come to the conclusion that he did exist as a human if nothing else.
    They have beliefs that range from theist to atheist, so I don’t think Jesus is still considered a mythical being.
    Peace and Blessings = )


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