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Do you think it's possible to achieve a continuous state of Living in the Light through Meditation?

There are many ways to describe the healing attributes of meditating….Maybe you have experienced…A Feeling of Intense Love…Physical Body Awakening…. Mind Expansion…. Increased Awareness or Something Else?
I believe meditation is excellent training for increasing mental focus and for strengthening our connection to the Divine within.
My experiences with silent meditation have shown me undeniable results…
Meditation does appear to enhance emotional/physiological and spiritual attributes.
Can Meditation be a Method for transcending us into Fully Awakened Living Light Beings?


  1. hello,
    meditation certainly does a lot of what you said,but it doesn’t transform us into something we are not.
    i meditate daily along with prayer

  2. For myself meditation brought myself back to myself, I was lost in a maze of conditioning fed to me by society and religion, it also opened the door for other more active practices, practices that are life affirming. I don’t see myself as transcending anything but as coming back to being what I have always been. Tuning in to the beauty of being fully human and all that entails.

  3. Hi Bluebootz,
    not “transcending” but awakening or remembering who we really are.
    Despite the silly comment from just a…….., this is what meditation is actually for, so long as you’re actually meditating and not just contemplating which is, very probably all that just a…….. has learned to date.
    Real meditation does do this but you remain human as well. What happens is that you regain the forgotten rest of yourself
    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

  4. I think so.
    It’s worked for me and now I take it wherever I go. For me it isn’t getting into some kind of trance its an awareness that I can only describe with the word “awe-ful”. Full focus, completely aware, and independent of whatever it is that causes possession by emotion, yet absolutely capable of love in a very rich and meaningful way. More and more I take this with me as I walk through life.
    I’m not sure what a fully awakened living light being is but I can fill in the spaces. Maybe when I know, I’ll be there?

  5. dear Bluebootz… xx
    i think so. i try to meditate upon our LORD as much as possible… sometimes i forget… but then i am reminded.
    loved the Moody Blues song. tx.
    have a blessed and spirit filled day… =)


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