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Do you think it is possible to receive negative energy by coming to this section?

I do, also, it makes matter worse and makes you hate. I don’t want to hate. I know you don’t care. I am just venting. Do you care??
Its not about it being jokes. People are expressing to some extent how they feel or felt at one point, negativity is negativity. I don’t so much are for the people that come on here vent and leave. I am talking about the people who make this a way of life, and you cant tell me that it is all games, it is not all games.


  1. I care. when people insult white people i get really offended considering that i was just about to stick up for them. Although i have now decided that i should just face the fact people hate me for being white just like some whites hat others for being whatever. I just try to stop the cycle. say you hate white people. I say i love your people. Then again it’s the internet so….

  2. It’s Yahoo Answers for God’s sake. If it bothers you that much I advise you not to come here. The racist remarks, and questions we get here doesn’t bother me because most of these people wouldn’t say what they say in public. If they’re hateful, let that be their issue, not yours.

  3. Yes it does when you hear the racist rants about your race it makes you want to stoop to there level but you don’t want to do that because then you are no better than they are.

  4. I don’t care that you are venting, but I do care that this section promotes negativity in the already weak. There is no telling what some individuals will do and blame it on Y/A OC&G.


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