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Do you think it is astral or lucid dreaming?

Do you think people are really astral or do you think it is just lucid dreaming making them think they are astral? Also lets say Person A is either day dreaming or sleeping and all of a sudden they swear they can feel someone fondling them or penetrating them while sleeping or daydreaming do you think it is just lucid dreaming making it feel real.


  1. I’ve had these types of events happen before. There are vivid dreams that feel real, but then there have been spiritually, physically draining ‘dreams’ or as I call them, ‘visitations,’ I have experienced that I just know were someone or something trying to mess with me in a sexual way. If this sounds crazy and it does to the natural mind, please consider that the world we live in is not only sensical, i.e what we can see, feel, taste, touch, but there is also a spiritual dimension to our world whose laws are not things we can see; such as faith and emotions and dreams etc. I really think a lot of people are involved in and practicing dark arts and that some of those people are perverts that try to mess around with things they don’t understand. I’ll qualify that, a friend of mine said there was some one in their room one night watching he and his wife. Low and behold that week there was that same person renound for being a witch in the area, bragging she had been in their room and described what their bedroom looked like at the time etc. Believe it or not, there are some unexplained phenomenon in this crazy world of ours!

  2. I’ve no insight into your Person A scenario, but astral projections and lucid dreams usually feel so different in mental flavour that I’ve zero doubt they’re distinct phenomena. I do get the odd ambiguous half-and-half experience, but that’s typically only if I try to over-extend the duration of a projection. Robert Bruce’s theory on this is that the physical body starts dreaming in its own right after a few minutes, making contributions to the resulting memory traces a mix of both states.


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