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Do you think IMVU is sending a bad subconscious message to the younger generation…?

I’m not exactly sure how to explain this but when ever I see an add for IMVU I think of the desire for cheap lust and the love of material possessions. I don’t know why but that’s what comes to mind. Usually there is a picture of a women in a sexy stance looking all glamorous and pathetic.


  1. Imvu is very strict with its younger audiences.
    They now have a minimum coverage guide for clothing to be submitted, if the clothing fails to cover ALL the red on the guide, it must be set to Access Pass only (access passes can only be purchased on accounts registered as 18 or older, and MUST be bought with a credit card. Other users can NOT gift this pass to another user.) which is only available for people on the site who have purchased the said pass.(even if you are 18 or older, if you did not purchase the pass, you cant see the items. It helps prevent age fraud temptations.)
    Getting stricter, they constantly change the rules and at some point did not even allow lingerie to be rated under general audience.
    These days on imvu, if a user fails to meet the guidelines for a General Audience product, as in, they set it to GA but it fails to meet requirements and has to be re-rated by imvu staff members(which is done to all items unproperly rated) the Content Creator must refund out of their own pocket, ALL the people who purchased the item. If they are unable to pay, they go into debt with imvu – and each time credits are added to the account, imvu will deduct them until the debt is payed off.
    Its unfair, really, and its imvu being greedy for money since they dont want to pay anyone anything…But it gives content creators more of a reason to stay on guidelines.


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