Do you think if another sperm beat you in the race by a couple of seconds, your consciousness wouldn't exist?





I mean your personal consciousness. What embodies and defines the “you”. Are we lucky because we were the only ones to have a stab at life, or are the other sperm the lucky ones because they never became self-aware, and thus have no curse and burden of any sort?


  1. Yes, excellent question. I would be the same person but experiencing a different set of sensations. Here’s why:
    a) the objects arising in my biological consciousness would be different – since my genetics would give me a different mechanism for generating biological consciousness but
    b) my capacity to be present to these objects of consciousness would be exactly the same. This capacity is itself not changed by the objects it notices, hence it has no attributes itself and thus cannot be different in any definable way. That which by definition cannot be different is by definition the same.
    As for the losing sperm, here’s the deal with them. There were sentient cells, their lifespans short. The cells that succeeded are now cells in my body, their live spans short. As far as the cells are concerned, no difference.
    Am I lucky (or cursed) to be a self-aware being on a cold rock circling a star somewhere lost in an astoundingly huge universe? It seems like I am lucky and should hang on for the ride, but it could also be that the bare noticing that comprises my core identity, this capacity to be present to the objects of my biological consciousness discussed above, has always been here. Which is why the identity of the winning sperm is irrelevant and indeed the identity of apparently separate organisms is also irrelevant, since at the level of basic awareness we are all the same “person” which has always been here as the very fabric of the universe in some form. Sort of like this equation: Infinite universe = endless person.

  2. In my case there should have been no sperm to begin with. My father should have kept his pants on and stopped fooling around so much and my mother shouldnt have fell for his manipulative ways and had a better head on her shoulder. It would have saved a ot of people a lot of trouble and abuse. (As you can tell I was born to immature irresponsible young people who were fooling around)
    As far as my beliefs go, I believe I was still a soul or being before I entered into this world via reproduction.

  3. we are beyond the luck of numeric odds, infinitely speaking… regardless of the billions of sperms, billions of stars in the billions of galaxies for the billions of years….
    you were destined to be yourself,, blessed yes

  4. Good one. I believe in reincarnation so if I didn’t want to be a girl and the other sperm said “girl,” on it then my soul might have fled to another womb.

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