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do you think i might be psychic?

ok so i’m 13 and lately ive been seeing a white glow around some random animals like a squirrel i saw at the park and my neighbours dog. then at night i dream about terrorist attacks (i’m not kidding) and in my dream i see people dying and before they die they have that white glow around them. and i watched this movie called white noise and the same sorta thing happens (not the dreams but the glow). and i also hear my own voice in my head saying things like ‘she didnt deserve it’ and ‘tell her’ and its my own voice yet i know its not me.. because i’m not thinking it if u know what i mean. i might just be going loopy but it might mean something
thanks every1, ur rite i’m probably going daft 😛


  1. Nah, I think you just have an active imagination and you are somewhat of a muddle-headed dreamer. But don’t worry, lots of kids your age are the same.

  2. I think everyone has a sixth sense so to speak, it just depends on if you listen, I think you are probably very in tuned

  3. Psychics are not from God-Jesus. Many things happen that appear to have some link up with supernatural happenings. That’s why Jesus said to test evey spirit to see if it comes from God. And pray psalm 91 over yourself, bed, and house and family. I do not think the things your experiencing are from the true God. Even Satan himself appears as an angel of light.

  4. You based your theory around a horror movie you saw? Nice going on that one.
    You are overreacting. The white glow can be explained as mild ‘slowness’ of the eyes’ reactions to moving things – when something moves too fast, it blurs. If your ability to see colour wanes a little colours can blend (and as you should know, the spectrum of colours blend to make white) so mild colour blindness can affect your ability to see moving colour. (E.g. people can be red-green colourblind only when red and green are placed together).
    The dreams were just dreams. Were they prophetic? No. They weren’t, or you would have mentioned that. You just had a dream where you incorporated your paranoia from the animals into people. It’s your conscious worries seeping into your subconscious. It was only a dream.
    The voices? Sorry, but if it continues then you may have mild schizophrenia, and I suggest that if this lasts longer than a month you go and see a doctor. However, it may not be schizophrenia – sometimes when you are tired or distracted certain conscious and subconscious thoughts can overlap and so you can sometimes think more than one thing at the same time. If this persists, you must see a doctor.
    You are absolutely not psychic.


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