Home Discussion Forum Do you think humans have telepathy?

Do you think humans have telepathy?

Do people sometimes feel a loved ones death from far away because there are electro magnetic signals we’re not aware of? Do you believe in that sort of thing? Have you ever been singing a song and turned on a radio to hear it playing that song right where you left off?


  1. i do not discount any possibility that some people are able to do things that other cannot even imagine. it is called progress and evolution.
    i have had the radio play a song when i really needed to hear my favorite song. i’ve had a friend call at the moment that i needed someone to talk to. i’ve had things interfere in my life when i needed it the most.
    i do know that we have an electronic field around us. some people call this an aura. you can take a picture of it with a special kind of camera that sees electrical fields.
    i do not belive that anything is impossible just highly unlikely. i’m never totally surprised or disappointed as i knew that good or bad i ran the chance of that happening just by being alive.


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