do you think humanity needs a spiritual shift?

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do you think that’s what god want from us?

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No shift will serve any purpose so long as man does not know how to improve himself from his present position- spiritually or otherwise.
An average man does not form his own opinion. He blindly follows others. This being the case, shift in spirituality also will be towards the goal set by the leaders, who are invariably prejudiced.

HaK attack! [panda-kun]

no. i think all the stupid god Qs need to go to R&S.

The Last Lamoe

When people talk about God they always leave out the issue of free will. Human beings have a nature and have the free to will the control that nature and do good or do evil.
I think god wants to do good help each other.
About the first part of your question yes we need a spiritual shift the question is can humanity make a spiritual shift. I simply do not think so, at the present time.


a spiritual shift sounds nice, it might encourage people to think more and not go through life mearly being a reaction to there environment.
i fear that as long as humans manipulate the religions there will be no true spiritual anything. according to our bibles and other religious books of god earth is a place for the condemned from heaven, why would a god put us on the same ball of dirt he had condemned angels too, even the most dreaded ones like satan. i do believe there is a great creator and he has plans for us, but i am fairly sure everything we are taught is so severely manipulated that we will never be able to understand much. many words are rephrased, many pieces of the original books are left out, and even certain teachings are not discussed. when was the last time that the idea that giants truly existed was discussed in your church?
what made adam and eve capable of being called the first full humans and no longer apes. no where in the bible does it say man was not evolved, it only states the first two humans were adam and eve and god had made adam from clay, we did pretty much start off as sediment in the bottom of a pond, sea, or puddle, much like where you would expect to find sediments like clay.


I don’t think the ‘shift’ humans need starts from something that is essentially spiritual, I think it’s something far greater and has to do with consciousness. Every great stride that humans have made involved a shifting in consciousness on a mass scale. Look at the developments in science we’ve made. The MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine, for example. It’s changed the way we study psychological cases. It has had a lot to do with the death of Psychoanalysis in the Psychological Community. Look at Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, it’s completely mangled what is left of Newtonian Physics.
We need a far bigger, greater, and wider shift in consciousness. Some nations are moving faster and consuming more while some are broken and starving. Capitalism has a lot to offer in terms of materialism, but it has left people essentially spiritually and philosophically misguided. It isn’t a question of spiritual awakening, it’s a question of consciousness awakening.
I don’t think I’ll be here for it, but I sure wish I could be.


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