Do you think human beings can reach a higher place?

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I don’t really mean being at one with God or anything like that. Something like nirvana or enlightenment. Where we have an understanding of our environment and universe. A higher level of consciousness where we are happy and content.
What do you think?

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well we have done so, so far, so why not continue doing so..


I think it is possible. We are not nearly as advance as we think we are when it comes to the universe. To think that nothing like this could be achieved would be non-optimistic and ignorant.


I don’t think highly enough of the human race for that.


We only achieve this when we die, when we become one with the universe


yes, you can. The best way to do this is through meditation. It will take a while but eventually you’ll start to perceive things that you originally couldn’t. Let me give you a quick example of something that if you spend an hour doing, will elevate your perception of reality to the next level. I know their are many skeptics out there about this; i was one of them until a few days ago when i actually experienced this phenomenon.
Step 1. Find yourself a nice, quite place sit down and relax.
Step 2. Place both of your hands vertically out in front of you, keeping you palms parallel and about an inch or two apart. Don’t let any part of one hand touch the other one.
Step 3. Keep your hands in this position until your palms start to get warmer or colder than the rest of your body. (the heat levels vary by person.)
Step 4. After your palms have changed in temperature noticeably, start to make small (about a 1/2 inch in any direction) circular motions with your hands. Keep both hands moving in the same direction but at different locations around your created orbit. For example, if your right hand is moving up then your left hand will be moving down and while your right hand is moving forward, your left hand will be moving backwards.
Step 5. Once you do this for a few moments, slowly move your hands away and then towards each other, still making the small circular motions with your hands.
Step 6. Although it may take you a few tries, (as it took me around 4) you will eventually start to feel a magnetic pull between your two hands. The more you practice doing this, the stronger the pull will become.
Step 7. After you are done playing around, (didn’t know what else to call it) simply touch your hands together to break the bond and reabsorb the “energy” you’ve released from your body. You can break it my other means, but you might be tired after doing so….. if you ask i’ll explain more of this in detail.
What you have just acomplished is a creative or new perception of the energy that is flowing through out your body. (Science does support the energy flowing through out your body idea in basic biology.) While that energy has always been in your body, you haven’t been able to precieve it in this mannor. Once you’ve created this energy into a way you can precieve it, however, then a lot more possiblities will present themselves. If you do decide to try this, then i suggest you look into meditation. Or you can ask me and i can email and help you out in order to become a little bit more enlightened about yourself…. have fun out there.

Darb D

not human beings…see you have to leave the human being behind ….and the you


All human beings use intelligence only to work with; for the purpose of guiding their minds and for driving their intellects with;
It is because of such fact only; that they are not only meant to; but are necessarily required as well; to reach to and gain that intelligence of excellence and perfection; which can guide their minds and and drive their intellects with the followings;
The grace compassion and importance; as well as;
The victories and wins; and;
The purity clarity and realities of the glories of the respective religions of themselves; together with the;
The praise of the huge, established, well known, glorified victorious, power full, and enlightened brightness of the light of the god
So long man will not do as above the whole of mankind shall be doomed; and only those shall survive who not only reach to the intelligence of excellence and perfection; as said above; but who also gain it and uses the knowledge delivered by it to his self; for the reasons of performing actions of them only; instead of any other; by his self for helping his self.with.


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