Home Discussion Forum Do you think half an hour of meditation a night is good?

Do you think half an hour of meditation a night is good?

It’s creative visualization I do once in deep meditation, so you know.
What’s your opinion on this? What meditations do YOU do? How long do you do them? Share your meditative side too, I love to hear about others’ opinions and practices!


  1. I do really deep meditations to the point as if I’m dreaming. Creative Visualization is way easier when you are meditation. You can feel and see things as if it’s so real and you’re there.
    I usually meditate as if I’m on a beach and it feel so calming, so relaxing and just like heaven when I’m there. I also swim deep in the waters and find treasure chests. I open them with a key and when it opens, there is a pure white light that will envelop me! The feeling is awesome!!! I do some kind of AFFIRMATIONS OR AFFORMATIONS that I want to develop in my personality or have something in real life.
    This meditation helps you open your mind to possibilities and help you put beliefs in your mind. It erases limiting beliefs.
    I also meditate going to a FAIRY LAND with water falls and the FULL MOON so big and with the water glittering with lights. It’s a good feeling. I also make myself look like a GODDESS and I look so beautiful!!! It makes you feel really good and confident in yourself in real life.
    I do meditations whenever I feel like it and stop whenever I feel like it. Meditation is a very powerful tool in changing your life, your beliefs and things you want to happen in your life!!!

  2. When i meditate, i usually have to start breathing first, then closing my eyes and then picturing different people. During one of my meditation, i didn’t even know, but i found that i was crying by the end of it! Meditation is a strange but wonderful thing. I usually do a short one every week that’s about ten minutes long, my longer ones are up to forty minutes long.

  3. yes it is good enough for relaxation there is a difference on relaxation versus mindfulness or meditation state, here is link on more information.
    as for me it is a relieve for emotions that I had bottled up, anyway, I think I want to lead a meditative life rather than going back and forth when I need meditation.

  4. meditation and visualization are different things


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