Do you think everyone should just convert to buddhism?





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The most peace loving ‘religion’
Note: It’s not a real religion since they don’t have a deity

Answer by Morganie5


  1. No, its not right for everyone, for some it is, but for others it is not. I personally am Wiccan, which is like Buddhism in some ways, but different in others. “Wicca is more nature orientated, and is about a deeper connection to nature.”

  2. No. It may be peace loving but it has nothing to do with the one true LORD God. We should worship Him and Him only. Anything else is sheer vanity.

  3. Buddhism is a religion by any measure, but that is not the point.
    I am a Christian & feel very comfortable with my religion & am a passionate Bible reader. I read the Book whenever I am given a chance & lean many things from it, most of them relating to today’s struggles – even though some Books from the Holy Book were written over 1700 years ago. The moral teaching found in the Book are great – to me. I can where you are coming from though, & I understand that other people may disagree with me &, as a result, not share my passion from God’s Book; in fact, I am aware that are individuals who deny the existence of the Creator. Certainly, these, would believe in something different. So, as seen, everybody would not be fulfilled by the teachings of Buddha whom, by the way, I admire to a very great extent; but, I believe, we should all keep our beliefs, as they part of us.

  4. Religions don’t have to have deities.
    It would be interesting, but I can’t estimate the long term effects of a global religion.

  5. no,
    but studying christianity and the historical christ from a true bhudists perspective can only enhance our understand of what and who jesus is.

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